If you’re reading this blog, then you may already have some traveling experience and you want to learn more. However, our goal for this blog is not only to educate travelers, but also to allow travelers like you to share your knowledge. We are looking for people to guest post on our blog on travel subjects. If you have some travel tips, vacation destinations, favorite tourist spots, and other holidays/destinations/travel topics that you want to share, then we invite you to write for us. You can post any travel-related subject on our blog and share your knowledge with other people.

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Why You Should Write For Us

  1. Easier Than Creating Your Own Blog –You can save a lot of time and money by posting on our blog. Creating your own blog costs time and money. Instead of paying money and spending one or two hours setting up your own blog or website, just post your travel/vacation articles on our blog. We won’t charge you a cent for posting on our blog. Also, if you create your own website or blog, other people might not even know that your blog exists because there are thousands of other blogs on the internet. If you make a guest post on our blog and your article is good, we will promote your article and make sure that it gets as many views as possible.
  2. Little to No Restrictions – Other websites may have certain rules and restrictions that prevent you from posting articles on the topics that you want. In our blog, there are no rules or restrictions that prevent you from posting the travel subjects that you want. You can post anything you want as long as it is about vacationing and travel.
  3. Help Our Blog – by posting on our blog, you help us become bigger and better. More posts mean more visitors to the blog, so your articles will receive even more views.

What to Write

You can post on any topic that you want as long as it is about travel and vacationing. Here are some examples of topics that you can post on our blog:

  1. Travel Tips – Do you have any travel tips that you want to share? Then post your tips on our website to help other travelers when they go on vacation. You can post tips on how to save money while traveling, what airlines or ship cruises to use, laws that we need to remember on other countries, etc.
  2. Recommendations – You can also post recommendations on our blog and tell others about the things that you enjoyed during your trips. For instance, you can recommend the hotels that you stayed in, the restaurants where you ate good food, the store where you bought some great souvenirs, etc.
  3. Favorite Vacation Destinations –If you have some favorite vacation destinations that you want to share, we invite you to write about them on our blog. Tell us about the destination, why you like it, the popular tourist attractions in that country, etc.

We love getting guest posts on our blog. So if you have something that you want to share, please send your contribution to millie@nothingliketheholidays.com.