Would you travel without insurance?

travel without insuranceAccording to recent research by a national law firm, adults in the UK don’t consider travel insurance important. Like all insurance the likelihood is you’re not going to need to claim, but when the worst happens, not having insurance means you’re most likely going to lose out financially. So it seems silly that so many Brits don’t take out travel insurance, especially considering for one of trips it’s actually pretty cheap. So what does the research say?

  • Over 50% of Brits would go on holiday without travel insurance
  • Those aged 18-24 were most likely to not bother getting covered
  • Those with children are more likely to take out travel insurance than those without
  • Women are more likely to take out travel insurance compare to men

It’s surprising that so many people would take the risk of traveling without insurance, even to Europe where you do have the EHIC to cover some medical treatment. But there is no protection there for other accidents, repatriation, cover for extended stays and even if your holiday is cancelled due to external forces. What’s worse do people have the funds to cover/help them out when away if the worst should happen? Don’t think young people will, and statistically they are probably more likely to take the most risks when away on holiday.

So what are the risks?

The survey was carried out by national law firm Simpson Millar, Manager Paul Stevens from the Group Travel Litigation Claims had the following to say:

“Although all travel insurance policies differ by covering certain aspects of your break abroad and how much cover is afforded, most policies will include emergency medical expenses, lost or stolen bags, personal liability cover as well as covering the costs of cancelling, delaying or cutting short your holiday. With the average cost of travel insurance being less than around £50.00 or so, it seems strange that people aren’t willing to pay for the security of knowing that they are financially secure, should the worse happen.”

He added:

“With the average cost of medical treatment abroad being just over £2,000 and an emergency flight from the US to the UK costing up to £50,000, if people don’t take out insurance, it could make that expensive holiday cost far more than they ever thought possible.”

How to help?

We have seen news stories recently of people being stuck abroad because they have been injured but not had any insurance, a new thing seems to be kick starter type campaigns to raise money to get people home. But really should Joe public, no matter how generous they feel, help pay for someone who didn’t want to pay for insurance?

Instead we should be focusing on enforcing people to have travel insurance, travel agents do state that people must take it out when booking holidays but can’t force them to take it out through them. Perhaps you can’t board a flight without valid insurance which covers you in your destination, a bit like car insurance. But that would be quite drastic what do you think?

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