Why you must visit Koh Madsum “Pig Island” when on holidays in Koh Samui

Are you planning a vacation on Koh Samui and deciding on things to do? While Koh Samui offers a lot of adventures inland, there is one place you should not miss for a half-day trip. Easily accessible by boat, and only 10 minutes away, lies a secret getaway they call “The Pig Island” or Koh Madsum.

Koh Madsum welcomes with a spectacular stretch of sand to take that perfect Instagram shot. There is a vibrant reef right off the beach that promises excellent snorkeling in calm and clear waters. Beginner swimmers, and especially kids, love it. But your adventure doesn’t end here.

On land, you will encounter dozens of wild boars roaming around freely and ready for the photo with you. And with a beautiful seascape of Koh Samui in the background, you wouldn’t want to miss that shot darmowa kasa na start! The whole atmosphere with many piglets playing in the water reminds of Exuma in the Bahamas!

For off-beaten path seekers, take a kayak and paddle along the coastline, witnessing the mangrove forests and lush interior with occasional creeks. You will hear rare birds in the jungle and may even come face to face with elusive monitor lizards. Further south, you can kayak towards Koh Tan, which offers many eco-adventures as well.

Koh Madsum is a perfect island-hopping destination for the whole family. From better snorkeling than that you can find on Koh Samui to its friendly resident wild boars, a visit to this tiny island gem will not disappoint you.


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