Why Airbnb is a Great Choice of Accommodation for Families

If you love traveling with your family, you probably know by now that choosing the right accommodation is a common concern.

Thanks to Airbnb, every wandering family can now fully enjoy the comforts of home, even if it is hundreds of miles away from their actual home. In fact, some unit owners would hire maid service Airbnb to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible.

Here are several reasons why this is the best accommodation option out there:

Cheaper Than a Hotel

Hotels can cost you a fortune. You have to shell out money for parking fees, taxes, sometimes internet connection, and even the resort fees that can get ridiculously expensive! If you are unfortunate, you even have to purchase your meals at their high-end restaurants that can cost you one meal for the price of five.

Adding another person to the headcount of the room also has a corresponding fee. Sometimes, if you are really a big bunch, they would require you to book another room as they can be strict with the room headcount.

With Airbnb, you can get an accommodation that is a lot cheaper and definitely way bigger which leads us to our next reason.

It Has More Space

And by more space, I mean a big enough apartment for the rest of the members of the family to get a good and comfortable rest after every sightseeing.

Hotel rooms can get a bit too claustrophobic, especially if you try to squeeze in a family of four into a room that is meant for only two heads. Some hotels will not even allow you to exceed the number of people that can stay in a room.

At least when you book an entire apartment on Airbnb, you can have more space for your kids to run around in, and you can comfortably finish a day’s work without calculating every move.

Authentic Experience

Blending in with the locals is easy when you live where they live. Staying in a hotel can make you feel slightly aloof from the locals.

Aside from having to stay on a higher floor, the vibe inside the hotel is in a very corporate setting. So getting real interaction with locals and the neighborhood can be scarce unless you decide to ditch your fancy reservation and go with the more homey feel.

Immersive travel experience is possible when staying in an Airbnb. You have easy access to the local shops away from where the tourists are. You can even discover local food spots that only locals know about. It is like seeing the town through the eyes of a local.

That is the beauty of choosing a home rental; you get an authentic experience for a lower price.

Easy Booking

Looking for a home rental on Airbnb can be pretty straightforward. You can cherry-pick details for your stay because you have a chance to talk with the host right before you finalize the booking up until the time you arrive at their doorstep.

While they have the option to accept or reject your request, booking through the Airbnb app almost always goes without a hitch. Even if your booking is rejected, your card will not be charged. Your card will only be charged after the host accepts your request.

More Amenities

While you do not get the luxury of a breakfast buffet like in a hotel, an Airbnb can get you a lot more than that.

You have access to their pool, their hot tub, the full cupboard of condiments and snacks your host graciously provides, and more homey amenities you can only experience through Airbnb.

If you happen to have an even more generous host, they can even share their entire collection of CDs and books with you. They can also be your personal tour guide if their schedule permits.

Flexible Check-in and Check-out

Hotels can be quite strict about their check-in and check-out time. You will be charged with certain fees, sometimes unreasonable, if you go beyond the standard check out time.

With Airbnb, you can check-in anytime as long as you communicate your plans with your host. Anything can be easily arranged as long as you keep in touch with them.

Keeping a strong connection with your Airbnb host is an advantage since you can ask them about a possible itinerary that works best with your schedule.

Easy Location

Since most Airbnb rentals are found within the neighborhood, you won’t have a hard time finding your home. It can also be an advantage for you because most establishments can be found just around the corner. It saves your wallet from the cost you have to shell out for expensive taxi rides and train fares.

You can even ask locals how to go around the city. Surprise yourself with every turn at a certain street, and you just might find a local park or attractions that are not part of your usual itinerary.

Wrapping It Up

Traveling with your family can be quite exhausting if you do not know how to plan it accordingly and, well, if you do not pick the right accommodation! Hotels are fine if you have the money to spend on such a luxury. But if you are a family with lots of members, Airbnb is the right option for you.

Whether you need plenty of rooms or a house with a pool, Airbnb definitely has the perfect pick for you.

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