What’s the Best USA Adventure Tour for Me?

usa walkFrom the sun-drenched west coast to the incredible history that you can discover in the east, America is a fun packed adventure waiting to happen no matter where you choose to head. Blessed with incredible mountain ranges and the Niagra Falls in the north, tropical Costa Rica nestled in the middle and the exotic Latino countries of South America, the USA is an adventure lover’s paradise. But how do you work out what the best USA adventure tour is for you? Here’s a quick guide to the different types:


If you love nothing more than getting your hiking boots on and exploring on foot then a walking tour of the USA is for you. At Grand American Adventures there’s a huge selection of different types of walking tours for you to choose from, with options for all abilities. Whether you want to explore the world-famous Yosemite National Park and its breath-taking views, or go on a more challenging tour of the Canadian Rockies, you’ll be sure to find the ideal walking holiday for you today.


The diversity of the US landscape means that there’s many opportunities to see wildlife. From the bears, wolves and eagles which roam the Yellowstone National Park, to the whales and bears in British Colombia, there’s so many opportunities to catch a glimpse of these beautiful animals in their natural habitats. Tours are one of the best ways to go wildlife watching as you’ll be able to safely watch the animals and tour guides will be able to take you to the very best spots.


For those who’re wanting to explore America at a much more relaxed pace, a leisurely tour is most certainly for you. The west coast tends to appeal more to those who want to kick back and relax on their US tour, with its gorgeous beaches and welcoming cities. California is best explored at your leisure and definitely needs to be taken slowly with enough time to see and experience everything it has to offer.

With all these types of tours on offer and more, whatever type of experience you’d like to have when visiting the US, you’ll be able to find the perfect type of tour for you. With such a variety of different types of places within the US by doing some research into the different countries, you’ll soon be booking the ideal US tour for you.

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