Travelory App: Where Amazing Holidays Live Forever

Do you travel around the world for fun? Or perhaps you go on holiday professionally as a travel blogger? Whatever case applies to you, the travelory app should be on your home screen. Travelory is a smart travel assistant that runs in the background, keeping geographical information about where you’ve been for future reference. It then allows users to automatically generate a blog from their trips, meaning you don’t have to retrace your steps via multiple websites when you need important information or travel memories.   

Travelory app features

What can Travelory do for you? It can make your trip perfect in the following ways: 

  • Timeline creation: Travelory takes note of your timeline and places you’ve been to so you can check back on this info later
  • Automatic record-taking: No need for a pen and paper, or constantly typing on a doc application. Travelory automatically captures travel information to alleviate the stress of manual record taking. 
  • Connecting with other travelers: You also get access to travel experiences from other users just as adventurous as you. Hence, you can easily find inspiration for your next destination. 
  • Co-author feature: If your blog is a collaborative effort from multiple sources, you can use Travelory to get everyone to chip with their unique points of view of the same trip. 
  • Trip activity: Was your trip an adventurous or active one? The app offers insight into this as well. 
  • Covid history: In the pandemic era, getting a coronavirus brief of a place you’re visiting can be life-saving. Travelory offers Covid information like infection rates for better and safer travel planning. 
  • Strict data policy: You have full control over what data Travelory captures, and how it is used and shared.

Working of the app

Did you know that 7 in every 10 people rely on user-generated content and the internet at large to make their trips? It’s a lot of hard work! Travelory makes it less strenuous by helping travelers to better plan their trips. The app creates a smart timeline to keep up your holiday activities, then sends a trip summary via email. You can use this for your blog, granting edit access to people who accompanied you on the trip so they can add to the post as well. 

Why Travelory is one of a kind

An automatic blog generator? Life has never been easier for professional bloggers and leisure travelers! Travelory’s automatic blog functionality is its stand-out quality, followed closely by the co-author and Covid safety features. 

All in all, Travelory is as smart a travel assistant as they come. You can’t afford to go on your next holiday without it! Download it today!

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