Top Things to do in the Dominican Republic

Sunset in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, a nation filled with a rich historical past and home to a vibrant population, boasts many of the most beautiful beaches on planet earth, notably in the areas surrounding Punta Cana’s hotels and all-inclusive resorts. Tourists who have experienced local customs and cultural aspects of the Dominican Republic, often frequent this beautiful Caribbean island for a variety of reasons. Tourists who anticipate visiting the Dominican Republic for the first time should make it a point to first check out Playa Del Macao. This gorgeous beach has some of the most stunning scenery in the country. Individuals from across the globe flock here all through the year, escaping the daily grind, spending their vacation time relaxing near the ocean, surfing giant waves, and soaking up the sun’s brilliant rays.

If you are searching for Dominican Republic excursions, which are designed with your family in mind, then you will definitely want to take a day trip to check out Lago Enriquillo. This sizeable body of salt water is a lake that serves as a wildlife haven and home to a lot of flamingos, crocodiles, and also other exotic endangered species indigenous to the island. Your children will be amazed and delighted to encounter these spectacular and awe provoking creatures, as they can be observed living in their normal surroundings.

During your stay at the capital location of Santo Domingo, a visit to La Zona is highly recommended. History buffs will enjoy a stroll through this must-see area of well-preserved precolonial European architecture and streets. The streets in this area are lined with small shops in addition to outdoor bars, perfect for any romantic night time stroll along with a close friend or loved one. While taking a relaxing stroll within this centuries-old location, it is strongly suggested to have a map on your person at all times.

Among the many exciting adventures in the Dominican Republic, the Damajaqua Cascades close to Puerto Plata should be a priority penciled in on your family’s itinerary. The Damajaqua Cascades are pristine waterfalls located about an hour’s trek up the mountain. Visitors have the choice of exploring and leaping from varying elevations into the water, making this an ideal nature outing for children, as well as adults visiting the region.

Tourists who would like to visit some of the main attractions within the island should reap the benefits of one of the many Dominican Republic tours. These well planned and insightful tours offer the ultimate way to explore the country’s beautiful beaches, in addition to leading tourist spots located around Santo Domingo. It is a once in a lifetime experience that will keep you and your family reflecting on your vacation to the Dominican Republic for years to come.


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