Top Inspirational Travel Quotes To Make You Travel In 2022

Travel plays a huge part in our lives and going on a journey is an exciting adventure but travel also puts life into perspective. When you are out in the world and visiting foreign lands, it’s so much easier to be whoever you want. Here’s a collection of the best travel quotes to inspire you to take that journey, to live the life you deserve and fulfil your dream of exploring faraway places. When you read these travelling quotes, remember that words are your wand and if these travel quotes inspire you, please share them with others.

20 Inspirational Travel Quotes

  1. “In my opinion, the greatest perk and pleasure of travel is the ability to experience commonplace things as if for the very first moment, to be in a situation in which nearly nothing has become so familiar that is taken for granted.” Bryson, Bill
  2. “Those who rarely travel read just one page of the globe, “Saint Augustine
  3. “Courage, not money, is what travel is always about. “Paulo Coehlo
  4. “Wisdom comes with age. Understanding comes with experience. Sandy Lake
  5. “You learn better about your home nation by travelling abroad than you do about the area you’re visiting.” (Clint Borgen)
  6. Prejudice, intolerance, and narrow-mindedness are all destroyed through travel. (Mr Twain)
  7. When there are footsteps on the moon, don’t tell me “the sky’s the limit. (Paul Brandt)
  8. “A guy travelling alone can begin today; a man travelling with that other must wait till the other is ready.” Thoreau, Henry David
  9. “To smell a distant country is the first requirement of comprehending it.” Rudyard Kipling
  10. “A thousand-mile trip must start with a single step.” Leo Tzu
  11. “Lay out all of your clothing and all of your cash before you go. Then take twice as much money and half the clothing. Sue Heller Anderson
  12. No location is ever as horrible as they make it out to be, according to Charles Thompson
  13. “We are on a magnificent planet brimming with charm, beauty, and adventure. If we simply look for them with an open mind, there is no limitation to the experiences we can have. Nehru, Jawaharlal
  14. “A skilled traveller has no set itinerary and is not focused on getting somewhere.” Leo Tzu
  15. The commencement of any pilgrimage is the greatest moment of joy.” the late Charles Dudley Warner
  16. “A ship in port is secure, but that’s not what boats were meant for,” said J. A. Shedd
  17. “Travelers have no idea where they’ve been, and tourists have no idea where they’re going.” (Paul Theroux)
  18. “Not all lost wanderers are lost, wanderers.” J.R.R. Tolkien
  19. “Avoid following possible paths. Instead, make a track where there is none and go there. Emerson, Ralph Waldo
  20. Like all great travellers, I have witnessed more than I can recall and have seen less than I can recall. Disraeli, Benjamin

We hope these inspirational travel quotes has inspired you to want to explore the world. It might seem hard now, but once you go abroad, you’ll never look back. Travelling opens your eyes to how beautiful the world truly is. Seeing the beauty of nature and meeting new people will give you a sense of accomplishment.

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