The Top Four Things To Do In The Netherlands

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When people think of the Netherlands, they unfortunately tend to race in with unfair and unjustified stereotypes that mainly tend focus on windmills, clogs, and a certain green herb that is apparently quite popular when ingested or inhaled. The truth of the matter is that whilst these things are indeed true of certain parts of the Netherlands, Amsterdam in particular, in reality the Netherlands are absolutely stunning and have to be seen to be truly appreciated. If you’re thinking about a well earned holiday, or perhaps simply a long weekend break away, then why not forget about tried and tested cliche parts of the world, London and Paris for example, and head out to the Netherlands instead? Here’s a look at the top four things to do in the Netherlands, starting off with a cruise unlike those that you’re probably used to.

Take a river cruise down the River Rhine

The River Rhine actually begins in Switzerland, flows all the way through Germany, and eventually ends up in the Netherlands in the North Sea. As you can imagine, as this vast river flows through three countries, there will be plenty of sights to see along the way. For this reason, river boat cruises are all of the rage over in Europe. In fact, some little known facts about River Rhine cruises mention that River Rhine cruises are quickly becoming the most popular river cruise destination in the entire world, and not just Europe.

Visit the Delta Project

The Delta Project consists of a number of different dams, dikes, wind turbines, sluices, locks, and storm surge barriers located in the South of Holland that have been specially created to help protect areas of land from the Sea. A little known fact about the Delta Project, or the Delta Works as they’re sometimes known, is that they’re being referred to as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

Hoge Veluwe National Park

Hoge Veluwe National Park is one of the Netherland’s most popular tourist hot spots and is actually one of the biggest nature reserves in all of the Netherlands. With heath lands, sand dunes, natural wetlands, and woodlands there are a number of natural sights to see including a vast array of wildlife of all shapes and sizes. There is even a museum located within the park itself and as many areas cannot be reached by car, there are free bicycles made available to visitors of this beautiful park.

Visit Delft City Centre

Last on our list we have a visit to Delft City Centre. This city is hustling and bustling and absolutely oozes culture everywhere you turn. If you do head into the city, be sure to check out the city hall, which is a building in the style of a renaissance property, which although being centuries old, was recently restored back to its former glory back in the 20th century.


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