Top 4 Tips For Caravan Holidays

caravan-holiday-at-pembroke-0161In the past, when talking about caravans, people would often turn their noses up at them as they considered them small and unattractive. In reality however, there are many different types of caravan out there, with some naturally far better than others. Here in the UK especially, we like nothing better than heading away for a long bank holiday weekend in our caravans, or even enjoying an entire week or two in a luxurious static caravan that is actually often nicer than some houses and accommodations. Due to the confined space of caravans however, in order to make your stay that little bit more pleasant and hassle free, you do need to take a little extra care, which is why we’ll be looking at these top 4 tips for caravan holidays, to help you enjoy your holiday that little bit more.

Keep your wellies in the right spot

If you’re on a caravan holiday, chances are that you’re by the sea, and/or also in more rural locations where there tends to be far more mud and grass. Wellington boots come in extremely handy when on holiday, but it’s important that you keep them clean and in the right spot. The last thing you want is to bring mud, sand, and seawater inside your nice clean caravan, so keep them clean, and just outside your caravan. Try knocking a couple of cricket stumps into the ground and slot your boots on top. This keeps them tidy, off the muddy ground, it prevents them from filling with rain water, and it keeps them elevated and away from creepy crawlies. If you make a mess, here are some handy cleaning tips to check out!

Don’t forget rainy day entertainment

If you are holidaying in the UK, especially by the coast, you will need to ensure you have rainy day entertainment because the weather is likely to be poor for at least one day of your holiday. Pack board games, books, electronic devices such as tablets, and portable DVD players, and make use of various apps and websites. If you really feel adventurous, you can reach for your phone or tablet, and can try your hand at gambling by playing live online casino games at netbet. You can basically play various online casino games on your phone or tablet, and stand a very good chance of making some substantial money in the process.

Be wary of ‘wet dog’ smell

Every year thousands upon thousands of us head to our caravans for a well deserved break, often with our dogs in tow. Again, if you’re by the sea, your dog will almost certainly decide to go for a swim, and as you probably know, wet dog smell is not ideal. Once you’ve bathed your dog at the caravan facilities, you need to get it dry or your entire caravan won’t smell great. A great tip is to towel dry your dog, then give them a quick once over with a tumble dryer freshener sheet.

Don’t forget your torch

Once it gets dark, caravan parks and camp sites are generally very dark. If you need to pop to the shops or anywhere else for that matter, to help ensure you don’t trip over somebody else’s tent, or accidently walk into the side of another caravan, bring a small torch to help guide you.

Don’t forget your torch.


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