Top 3 Souvenirs to Pick Up from Vermont

When most people think of vacation, their minds don’t immediately wander to Vermont: and that’s a huge mistake.  This state is full of sweet surprises and charming people that will keep you excited to see more and keep coming back.  Whether you’re into gorgeous views that change into even prettier ones in fall and spring, or you have a sweet tooth that’s just itching to be fulfilled, there’s endless fun to have in Vermont.  Here are the top three pieces of this state that you should take home with you, and that may pull you back before you realize it.

Maple Anything!

It’s no secret that Vermont has the best maple syrup on tap.  Like rich gold sprung from trees, this state has figured out how to create nearly any kind of sweet you could crave from it.  From maple taffy to maple sugar candy, which is so sweet, you have to eat it centimeter by centimeter.  You can buy your little flask of maple to keep on hand at all times in case of a pancake emergency, or take tours and tap some yourself to taste it fresh from the tree.  Of course, if you aren’t as into sweets as others are, you can always try some maple candied bacon with fat and salt to balance out the sweet.  No matter how much you take home, it won’t ever feel like enough!

Artisanal Soaps and Candles

There’s nothing as calming and useful as a long hot bath with beautiful candles and wonderful smelling soaps.  Vermont proves that handmade goods are better by offering more artisanal soaps and candles than almost any other state.  These tremendous smelling wax candles and soaps make for a great souvenir to take home and enjoy later, or a gift to show someone they deserve to be pampered.  You can enjoy scents ranging from maple (of course!) to local berry and flower varieties and other smells that come in as the seasons change.


Although maple is already on this list, there’s no such thing as sending home too many sweets!  Vermont is well known for its sweet tooth, and the fudge that seems to be available in nearly every gas station and Mom & Pop shop speaks for itself.  Fudge in Vermont is almost always raw in ingredients but complex in flavor.  Rich, deep, and easy to go overboard on, you’ll want to grab some for yourself and anyone waiting back at home for you.  Better than that, look at Burlington houses for sale, and you’ll never have to leave it behind!

The best part about souvenirs from Vermont is that you know you’ll be able to use and enjoy them.  Better than a tee-shirt that sits at the back of your closet, these goods have heart and soul poured into them, and you can enjoy them for weeks or months down the line.  Just be sure not to use up your soaps or fudge too fast, or you’ll have to schedule another visit to gorgeous Vermont quickly!

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