Tips on Solving the Top 3 Most Common Travel Problems

It is common to experience problems when traveling to other countries. You might find yourself running out of money or getting scammed. You might also accidentally misplace your passport or get robbed of your belongings when on amazing holiday tours. Before you leave for your vacation trip, read these tips on addressing common travel problems so that you will know what to do when one of these problems happens to you. Here, you will find a list of the top 3 most common travel problems that many tourists experience while traveling. This short guide will teach you how to prevent these hitches from happening and what you should do if and when they happen.


All countries have criminals. If you are not careful, you might get robbed. Robberies can strike at any time of the day. To prevent getting robbed, always watch your belongings and don’t go out alone at night. Always carry a decoy purse or throwaway wallet containing old photos and a small amount of cash. Don’t bring anything that will make you hesitate to give your wallet in a holdup. Always keep most of your cash and credit cards in an inside pocket. If you are getting robbed, hand over your fake wallet or decoy purse and run away. Do not attempt to fight back. Find a local policeman or go to the closest police station to report the crime.

Lost Passport

A lost passport is also one of the most common travel problems. Many tourists lose their passport during their vacation due to negligence. You might lose your passport if your bag gets stolen or if you accidentally drop your wallet while roaming around the city. Your passport is very important so you need to bring it with you whenever you go outside. However, since it is very easy to lose your passport, you need to take steps to ensure that you always have an extra copy. First, keep a color copy of your passport in a safe place (e.g. your hotel room). You should also leave a copy of your passport at home and take a photo of your passport using your phone or camera. To verify your identity, you should also have copies of your airline tickets, passport ID page, credit cards, and driver’s license. If you lose your passport while still in another country, contact your consulate or embassy immediately.

Denied Credit Card

Some American credit cards don’t have a microchip for international security and some credit card companies might disable your credit card because it activated their fraud-detection system. These circumstances may cause your credit card to be declined. Before you leave for your trip, contact your credit card company and tell them that you will be using your credit card in a foreign country. This will ensure that their fraud algorithm won’t disable your credit card. You should also try to request a card with a PIN number and microchip, the type accepted in various countries around the world. If your credit card was denied, call the toll-free number that is printed on your credit card.

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