Three Fantastic Things To Do In The City Of Amsterdam


Fed up of staring at the same four walls day in and day out? Are you thinking about booking a well earned holiday, or even just an extended weekend perhaps? If so, then a city break could be exactly what you need. The next question to need to ask yourself, is where? There are many, many different cities that make extremely popular holiday and extended weekend destinations, but where do you fancy? London, Madrid, Paris, or how about Amsterdam? Amsterdam is one of the most misunderstood cities in the entire world. Many people simply associate Amsterdam with its slightly more, shall we say, “relaxed” views about marijuana use, as well as the “adult” trades and nightlife. The truth is however, that Amsterdam is one of the most stunning architecturally aesthetic cities on the planet. If you’re stuck for places to stay, then worry not because there are many hotels to stay at in Amsterdam, many are located close by the famous damn square. If we’ve gauged your interests, then here are just three fantastic things you can do in the city of Amsterdam.

Take in the natural beauty of Amsterdam’s many canals

There are an astonishing 165 different canals situated in the city of Amsterdam. They’re extremely beautiful to look at and gaze upon, and they give the impression that you’re in some fairytale city. The canals played a rich part in Amsterdam’s natural history, making it possible for sea traders to navigate the sea and get to the different parts of the city in order to sell their goods. Amsterdam’s canals have been there for decades, and helped mould and shape the city into what it is to this day.

See the sights by cycle

In order to truly appreciate the great Amsterdam experience, then one simply must hire a cycle and navigate the city in this way. Cycling is the be all and end all of travelling for the Dutch, with more cycles in the city than cars. There are even specially designed cycling tours of the city, in which you’ll be lead by a guide, also on a bicycle, around the city and will learn all about its great heritage. You needn’t worry about where to hire a cycle, as because cycling in Amsterdam is such a quintessential part of everyday life, there are hire shops located everywhere.

Visit the home of Anne Frank

Anybody with even the slightest interests in culture or history simply must visit the home of the Famous WW2 diarist known as Anne Frank. Her home is situated next to a canal, and it is that very home where her and her family hid from the Nazis for two long years, during the Second World War. The home now acts as a museum charting the events of that tragic period, as well as other factors which played an important role in the Second World War.

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