Things to do in Liverpool

liverpool merseyThe city of Liverpool is one of the UK’s most visited cities and it is certainly one of the most cultural and historic cities in the entire country, or dare we say, even the world for that matter. For people who have never visited this fantastic city, to them, the only things they may know about Liverpool is Liverpool FC, and of course, The Beatles. If you haven’t ever visited Liverpool, it is strongly urged that you do so at some point in your life, because you certainly will not be disappointed. If you were to ask somebody living in the area, to name some things to do in the city to pass the time, you would be met with an entire cavalcade of different answers, because quite frankly, there is so much to do in this wonderful city. If you do plan on visiting Liverpool, you had better stay for more than just one day if you want to fit plenty in because otherwise you will barely scratch the surface. In reality, just wandering around the city aimlessly will be rewarding enough, but, if you want a true tourist experience, take a look at this list of just a few of the top things to do in Liverpool.

Sail down the Mersey

If you do happen to find yourself visiting Liverpool, if there is one thing you should most definitely do before you head home, it is to set sail down the river Mersey on a ferry. ‘Ferry cross at the Mersey’ will almost certainly be blaring over the speakers, which only adds to the authenticity and sheer and enjoyment of the entire experience. In the daytime, you can enjoy a near one hour cruise down the river, and, as much of this wonderful city is built on hills, this is most certainly the best and most rewarding way to experience Liverpool’s stunning skyline. It can be chilly, especially outside of summer hours, so make sure you do wrap up warm.

Enjoy a game of bingo

Ok, it may sound odd to some of you, but if you do find yourself in Liverpool, as Liverpool has such a rich bingo history, you may wish to seriously consider sitting down with a drink and enjoying a game or two with other sightseers, as well as some loyal and highly friendly locals. If you do have a game or two and find yourself getting a taste for it but still wanting to fit all of your other activities in, why not visit here for bingo games and take the fun with you via your smart phone or tablet, or simply have a game or two as you relax in your hotel room before a busy day of sightseeing.

Visit ‘The Beatles Story’ attraction

No visit to Liverpool would be complete without a visit to The Beatles Story, as this audio-guided tour will take you around museum dedicated solely to the four rock and roll legends that were believed by many, to be, bigger than Jesus. The audio comes in many different languages, you will learn fascinating facts about the band, will see countless artefacts and other pieces of Beatles memorabilia, and will have an absolute ball in the process.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Beatles fan, a fan of culture, art, and history, or are just somebody looking for somewhere fun and exciting to visit and spend a well-deserved city break, Liverpool is most certainly a city that does not disappoint, and for those reasons, it comes very highly recommended indeed.

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