The UK’s Most Gorgeous Areas to Visit on a Walking Holiday

walk holidayThe UK is home to some of the most gorgeous natural scenery in the world. From rolling hills to rushing streams and beautiful coastlines, the huge variety of different areas make the UK a prime walking holiday destination the world over. But with so many areas of outstanding natural beauty, which are the most beautiful ones to visit and where should you be heading on your next walking holiday? Here’s a few ideas:

The Peak District

Craggy, wild and untamed, the Peak District is one of the most exciting areas of the UK to head on a walking holiday. Hilly and uneven underfoot, it doesn’t make for the most easiest of strolls but the stunning scenery has a unique charm that other areas of the UK just don’t seem to have. With billowing streams, rushing brooks and endless rocky areas ideal for a picnic stop, it’s almost as it the Peak District was designed for amazing walking holidays. No matter what your ability you’ll be able to find a walking route that’s suitable for you to be able to explore the rugged charms of this gorgeous area.

The Lake District

Boasting unspoilt beauty in every direction it’s easy to see why the Lake District is one of the most popular walking spots in the UK. The luscious green valleys are a delight for the eyes and with huge expansive lakes and incredible mountains to explore, the scenery is a playground for walkers of all ages and abilities. Head there with an experienced tour operator to discover as much of the area as you can, as it’s so expansive there are surprises around every corner. From gentle strolls to challenging hikes, the Lake District is definitely one the destination to visit for experienced ramblers and beginners alike.

The Yorkshire Dales

Deep valleys and flower rich meadows make the Yorkshire Dales one of the most beautiful walking spots in the world. From the wild blooms which line the winding roads to the dry-stone walls that divide the land, you could almost be forgiven for thinking you were looking at a postcard. The Dales offer a variety of different types of walks for all abilities from the 52-mile-long trek of Heriot Way to the invigorating stroll along Horse Head Pass.

These are just some of the UK’s most breath-taking walking destinations, with so many beautiful areas of the UK countryside to explore these are the perfect place to start.

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