The Secret Spots Most Tourists Often Miss In New York City

new-york-city-1150012_1280Everybody knows about all the well-known sights in New York: the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, etc. But did you know that you can discover an entirely different kind of NYC, something most tourists inadvertently skip over? Go ahead and explore those secret hidden gems that will delight you. Just scratch the surface of Gotham City and you’ll chance upon a lot of clandestine stops hitherto unexplored. Look for hints of mystery and history at every corner and rest assured you’ll find them, only if you keep your eyes open and peer through the doors. And yes, go on foot to get the most and best out of New York City!

Here’s a list of secret spots you should not miss in NYC:

Museum at Eldridge Street

Once a popular synagogue, this museum opened in December 2007 and is known for its grandeur and beauty. Even most of locals are not aware about this museum which was once a big center of Jewish culture. Do visit it and go on a guided tour with local historians to learn its myriad legends and tales.

The basement of The New York Public Library

Tourists to The New York Public Library often don’t know about the sections of the famous reservoir that the basement contains and thus they return back without ever visiting it. Well, you should know that the place was once the site of Croton Reservoir, an aboveground reservoir which was torn down in the late 19th century. Do visit here to get a peek into history and don’t miss anything on your New York City tours.

Elevated Farms

Most tourists don’t know that NYC has several elevated farms that offer gorgeous views of the city. One such rooftop farm is on Eagle Street in Greenpoint, an organic vegetable garden (with an area of 6,000 sq. ft.) that hosts farmers’ markets in the season. Tourists can also visit the Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farms to enjoy private tours or enrol in urban farming classes.

Irish Hunger Memorial

This memorial in Battery Park City was actually a 19th-century Irish cottage. Made largely of stones, it was shipped from western Ireland to mark the great famine. It’s the same famine that caused a million Irish deaths and forced people to abandon their homes in Ireland for a new life in the US.

Salmagundi Art Club

Visit this historic mansion in Greenwich Village which is among the oldest art organizations in the country. Once the gathering spot for famed artists, you can still find here works of great American artists. You can visit and be a part of art auctions, art classes and lectures as well as enjoying the galleries and exhibits.

Gothic graveyards

It’s not uncommon to find graveyards right in the middle of populated neighborhoods of the city. Two of those graveyards include the New York Marble Cemetery on the Bowery and The First Shearith Israel Graveyard in Chinatown. One more is Trinity Cemetery in In Washington Heights which has expansive hilly grounds and trees all around.

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