The 7 Best Gift Ideas for the Luxury Traveler

luxury travelDespite the relatively recent rise of budget airlines and cheap travel, exploring the world at your own leisurely pace has historically been the preserve of the wealthy. From the great men steeped in art history on the Grand Tour to the glamour and excitement of early air travel, luxury has long been synonymous with life on the road.

Today, however, things are a little different. World travel can sometimes seem more like an endless queue snaking across the continents than the chance to explore and experience new things. So, how do you recreate the thrill and excitement of those early days of adventure? How do you bring back a little exclusivity to travel?

Well, here we have a few ideas as to how you might inject a little more luxury into your next journey. With some practical, others utterly ostentatious, but all displaying the very best in luxury design, craft, and finish, we think the luxury traveler in your life deserves a treat. Discover the perfect gift for those who demand a little more from life below.


headphonesBluetooth headphones are all well and good but let’s face it, they need to be charged frequently and are easy to steal; not a great combination of USPs while you’re on the move. So against the grain of popular opinion, we recommend this traditional cabled offering from Oppo – The Oppo PM-1 to be precise. Bringing true audiophile quality to their flagship planar magnetic headphones, Oppo delivers comfort and longevity through superior build quality and luxury materials. Featuring user replaceable parts, plus a choice of cables perfect for both home usage or mobile devices, these headphones are ideal for travelers. Additionally, the selvage denim carry-bag will help keep your headphones safe when stuffed into your luggage.

Leather Backpack

leather backpackLuggage, of course, has always played a crucial role in luxury travel and, while those beautiful antique travel trunks are now coveted only by interior designers and nascent homeowners, the luggage industry is still going strong. However, it’s no surprise that today’s travelers like to move through the world altogether more lightly. A leather backpack helps fill roles in both practicality and desirability, combining luxurious materials with an ease-of-use and lightweight design. Additionally, today’s models have plenty of storage options for laptops and other electronic devices, alongside pockets and holdalls for everything from passports to water bottles.


toiletriesTraveling long distances can take its toll. However, with a little help from an Aesop Travel Kit, you can arrive at your destination fully refreshed. Housed within a beautifully minimal micro-fiber case, these kits include a variety of products to help keep you looking and feeling your best. What’s more, you’ll even find a tiny mouthwash within this collection to ensure your breath is always minty fresh upon arrival.


watchOver the past few years, many have sounded the Death Knell of the humble watch, with smartphones and other devices essentially replacing their core function. However, the not-so-humble watch is fighting back, and it seems that in spite of predictions, the luxury market is going from strength to strength. Of course, a non-electrical watch is also a great travel companion, proving very useful when there are no outlets (or even electricity) around and also giving travelers an at-a-glance view of, well…..the time. There are many that fit the bill for the luxury traveler, however, the Girard-Perregaux, for example, will also give you the chance to quickly view multiple time zones: particularly useful for internationally minded business travelers.

Sleeping Pillow

sleeping pillowYou might not need one on a first class flight, but travel anywhere off the beaten path and you’re sure to find a travel pillow indispensable. The original (and somewhat ridiculous) OstrichPillow might not suit all tastes, however, this innovative travel pillow company now offers a number of alternatives that look altogether classier. The OstrichPillow Go is one such example that both looks and feels great when you’re trying to nap on the open road. As an added element of luxury, these travel pillows are also currently offered in a rather elegant MoMA NY Blue Reef design that’s perfect for the jet-setting gallery curator or art director in your life.


cameraSmartphones and tablets might do the same job on a basic level, but there’s nothing quite as glamorous as a vintage looking compact for framing your memories. Leica has been around since before air travel was popular, and over the years it has designed some of the most beautiful and iconic cameras the world has ever seen. We would highly recommend the Leica M collection for professional level photography with a dash of vintage style.

Water Bottle

water bottleEveryone wants to stay hydrated these days, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult when you factor in the many and ever-growing security issues related to air travel –  even more so if you want to stay eco-friendly while on the move. Thankfully, there are luxurious water bottle options that will allow you to fulfill both. S’well make some great bottles, but none scream out luxury like the Swarovski Brilliance Bijou. This bottle provides a very practical thermos capability, that keeps liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, all encased in 600 Swarovski crystals. Additionally, 100% of the profit is being donated to improve water access.

Bio – Kaehler knows a thing or two about luxury travel. The Chicago based luggage retailer has long been at the forefront of their own industry, offering travelers the very best luggage lines that help to make any journey both glamorous and convenient. Established in 1920, the company’s exceptional heritage is a testament to their beautifully crafted bags and cases, fine leather goods, and travel accessories; all of which are underpinned by the very best in customer support and knowledgeable advice.

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