The Super Luxury Holidays You Didn’t Know Existed


Luxury Sabbaticals In South America

South America is a vast region covering several countries and boasts of the world’s longest river, longest mountain range, highest active volcano and tallest waterfall. Well, at a glance, it may seem as if South America is just showing off, but let’s just say that Mother Nature really did reward it. With its vastness and attractions, you would need a long time to explore all its diversities, a luxury sabbatical sounds fine for discovering this land in style.

From Argentina to Peru, the Galapagos to Brazil and from Colombia to Chile you are spoilt for choice for sheer variety and vibrancy exploring rainforests, eerie deserts, tropical beaches, ski slopes, indigenous villages as well as top class luxury hotels. If you feel that your life is quite stuck and needs some spicing up, a luxury sabbatical to South America may be the solution you have been looking for.

Luxury Italian Villa Holidays

Italy is a destination that has lured many since time immemorial; this trend is not getting old fashioned at any time soon. It is easy to see why, there are not many destinations that can really offer the breathtaking natural beauty, rolling hills, great cuisine, art and the tasty red wine the way Italy does. Whether you want to stroll through its historical cities, delve deeper into its rural countryside or bask in the sun on its fabulous beaches, the choice is yours to make.

Italian villas offer may just be that, luxury villas with opulent décor and services fit for a king. They may rural farm houses complete with vineyards and wineries, restored castles or palaces and even restored chapels and churches.

As property dealers always insist on ‘location’ even when it comes to luxury villas in Italy, location really does matter. If you want a rural escape with fabulous views of rolling hills and picturesque villages, Tuscany is the region to choose, the Amalfi luxury villas reward you with fantastic sea views, colorful villages overhanging on cliffs and beaches whilst Sardinia rewards you with stunning beauty of mountains and miles of beaches.

Luxury Holidays In China

China is a great country that appeals to travelers with a taste of adventure and a curiosity to experience a different culture. From exploring its bustling cities and spending relaxing in its futuristic complexes to taking luxury cruises down the mighty Yangtze River to traversing the iconic Great Wall, the possibilities for a luxury holiday in China are endless. With its numerous provinces each as intriguing as the last, China offers epic full flavored luxury travel experiences in each of its vast provinces.

Luxury holidays in China reveal a land of diversities where ancient and modern clash; from the powerhouse that is Shanghai to its spiritual Lhasa and from the futuristic complexes of Beijing and its ancient Forbidden City and its Tiananmen Square at its heart, China never fails to amaze.

Whether you are looking for inspiration, relaxation or seeking historical answers, China will not disappoint. Stroll through the ancient streets in Yangshuo, wander through the mind boggling Great Wall and wonder at the intricate skills of the artisans who crafted the Xian’s Terracotta Army. Never forget to treat yourself to some of the finest Chinese delicacies in Beijing’s night markets.

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