Summer in the North of England – Really!?


Make no mistake; the north of England can be generally wonderful and is generally underrated at any time of the year – but this is never more true than during the summer. Obviously – this is the best time of year to come for the weather as it’s a time when the climate can be ideal – hot but not too hot and, hopefully, not too wet either.

The north of England has some of the UK’s most vibrant and exciting cities in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle as we head west to east – and Sheffield a little to the south of Leeds.

It also has some of the world’s most beautiful countryside from the lush green pastures of the Cheshire plain in the south along the Welsh border – to the magnificent Lake District, the North York moors, the Northumbrian countryside and the Bowland Forest.

In short – this is a wonderful part of the world to visit and to tour extensively if you ever get the chance. The north is also famous for its sporting heritage with the cities of Liverpool and Manchester, in particular, currently holding sway due to their footballing prowess. But don’t forget some wonderful summer racing opportunities at Haydock Park, Cartmel, York, and many other Yorkshire-based racecourses.

And whilst it may be the close season for the round ball sport of football –this is not the case with the oval ball and the great northern England sport of rugby league – which moved to a summer rugby game a few years ago.

Any visitors holidaying in the north must take in a game of rugby league. This is undoubtedly the most exciting form of rugby the British Isles has to offer and you’ll see it at its best along the M62 corridor anywhere between St Helens to the west and Hull on the east coast.

It’s a great spot to enjoy a wager on, too, if you’re the gambling type. Betfair, the world’s biggest sporting exchange gambling site, offers live odds on most of the big games. The good thing about betting on rugby league for the experts                 via Betfair is that they can read the game as it develops and profit therefrom. So if you do watch a game – make sure you have a look at the Betfair odds during it – and try and watch it with someone who follows the game closely – as this is more fun.

The north of England is a wonderful region overall – but you’ll certainly see it at its best in the summer – particularly if it’s a relatively dry one!

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