Is Self-Catering The Best Choice For A London Holiday?

When you’re planning a holiday, there’s all sorts of things to consider. When to go, when to fly, who to fly with, where to stay, what to do. Getting these decisions right can make or break any holiday. You want your vacation to be as easy as possible. You want it to fit your needs.

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You might think that a holiday should be hassle-free. That’s the case for a lot of people. That doesn’t mean that you should let everyone do everything for you on your holiday. For many people, self-catering holidays are a great option. Self-catering interests more people than ever before. There are lots of reasons why people make that choice when they go away. In certain places – London in particular – self-catering can be the best option for holidaymakers. Here’s why.

If you’re visiting London, then well done – you’ve made a fantastic choice. It’s a great holiday destination. It’s jam-packed with things to see and do. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect. A quick glance at any episode of Eastenders will tell you that. The simple fact is that London is an expensive city. Holidaymakers will struggle to find a bargain in the south-east of England. That doesn’t just stretch to food and drink. London’s expensive for culture – critical for any tourist. Any holidaymaker in London will have to save money wherever they can. Self-catering is a great way to do just that. You’ll save money on your accommodation with self-catering. Check out for some options on self-catering apartments in London.

It’s not just the money that helps out self-catering tourists. There’s also the issue of convenience. Let’s say that you’ve got an allergy or specific dietary need. You might not be able to take care of such a thing in a city like London. It’s a big, fast-paced place. Waiters and waitresses might not pick up on your needs. That could be catastrophic for you. You’d have a medical emergency on your hands in an unfamiliar city. What a nightmare. Self-catering eliminates that possibility. You’d be in control of what you do and don’t eat. That’s a huge relief for any worried tourist.

That issue of control is another reason self-catering might be a good option for London tourists. Travelling is a topsy-turvy business. You don’t know where you are or where you’re going from one minute to the next. If you choose self-catering, you’ll always know when your next meal will be. That’s a huge asset for elderly travellers, or families with young children. What’s more, eating out in London can be an issue for tourists. It’s a full city, with people crammed into every corner. You never know if you’ll be able to find a table at a decent restaurant. That’s an even greater possibility in the summer, when tourists fill London to bursting point. Self-catering gets you out of that maelstrom and into a more peaceful atmosphere that you can control.

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We think that self-catering can be a real help to stressed travellers in London. Of course, it may not be for you. You might want to experience London from every angle. In which case – good luck to you. For those who are a little warier, there is an alternative.

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