Pyramids of Egypt: History, Rules, Travel Hacks, And Other Things

Egyptian culture has had incredible lasting effects on human beings for thousands of years. Not only do we get to bask in the technological advances of Egyptian society, but they also left their mark on this planet for us to enjoy as well. The pyramids of Egypt are not only monuments to great leaders past, but also fragments of an absolutely astounding civilization.

The pyramids at Giza are some of the best known wonders on our beautiful planet. Not only are they one of the most visited tourist spots, but they are also filled with a rich history and an abundance of wonder. If you’re wondering about visiting the stunning pyramids of Egypt, then here is a complete guide with all the travel hacks, rules, as well as fascinating history just for you!

An Astounding History

There are many pyramids that dot the Egyptian landscape. The earliest known Egyptian pyramids can be found just northwest of Memphis at Saqqara. The pyramid structures there have been dated back to the 1st Dynasty: Mastaba around 3808!

The pyramids at Giza are perhaps the most famous pyramids, located just outside of Cairo. It’s very easy to see them as you can just book your egyptair tickets right into the capital, and within an hour you can be there!

The Giza pyramid complex is made up of the Pyramid of Menkaure (2532 – 2504 BC), the Pyramid of Khafre (2558 – 2532 BC), as well as the Great Pyramid of Khufu (2589 – 2566 BC). There are three smaller pyramids that are meant to be smaller parts of the Pyramid of Menkaure as well!

The Egyptians built the pyramids as burial monuments for their Pharaohs. They represent the primordial mound, which they believed was how the Earth was initially created. The pyramids are meant to honor the creation of the world, as well as create a way for the Pharaohs to possible be resurrected.

Because of the pyramids throughout Egypt, archeologists and historians can see more about the entire civilization through Hieroglyphs. As well as how and why the pyramids were created and with what resources. There is so much left to learn that most pyramid sites in Egypt are still active dig sites!

Travel Hacks for the Pyramids

Because the many pyramids in Egypt can be found far and wide, there are plenty of ways you can save money, and see these world wonders. Not only can you find Cheap flights into Cairo and other places, but you can also save a bit more on tours using these hacks.

  • Book your tours together.

You can get a private tour of both the Sphinx and the Giza pyramids for lower than a regular admissions price to the Giza pyramids including meals and travel options. Not only that, but you can book tours of the Saqqara, and Memphis pyramids along with the Giza pyramids for a really great rate.

  • Wear comfortable clothing.

Walking through the Great pyramids, as well as taking horse or camel rides near the pyramids will require comfortable clothing! Don’t skimp on the breathable fabrics, or good walking shoes. You’re going to want them!

  • Pack some snacks.

There aren’t a lot of food options in and round the various pyramid complexes. So feel free to pack your snacks, as well as whatever meals you may want to bring with you to eat near the Sphinx, or by the pyramids of Saqqara! Just be certain to clean up your garbage to keep the site pristine.

  • Find a reliable tour company, or private tour.

Yes, you can simply pay at the entrance for the Great Pyramids at Giza, but when it comes to the more remote locations, you will want a reliable guide, as well as the best information! Read reviews, and do some research to find the best guides for your holiday! After all, doing research to get the best for your buck is part of traveling smart in adulthood.

Rules for Visiting the Pyramids

Because there are many different pyramid locations throughout Egypt, you will find a wide variety of rules and regulations at each location. There will be some sections that you may not be able to enter. You will also not be permitted to climb the pyramids, litter, or deface the pyramids in anyway.

All in all, you will want to use the best common sense you can for seeing the many different Egyptian pyramids. Here are the many locations where you can find ancient pyramids:

  • El-Kuru
  • Nuri
  • El-Lahun
  • Hawara
  • Lisht
  • Meidum
  • Mazghuna
  • Dahshur
  • Abusir
  • Saqqara
  • Zawyet el-Aryan
  • Giza

Be aware of the different rules your tour guide will lay out for you. Though the pyramids have survived for thousands of years, it is our duty to admire them, but keep them in the best shape we can for future generations!

Visiting the Pyramids of Egypt on Your Next Holiday

The pyramids in Egypt not only have an extraordinary history, but they are also an incredible place to see while on holiday. So whether you want to simply take a day trip from your Nile cruise, or make your entire holiday about visiting the different pyramids within Egypt, you have so many options! See these incredible wonders of the world by visiting the many pyramids of Egypt on your next vacation!

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