Important Safety Tips for Going Boating With Your Dog

Important Safety Tips for Going Boating With Your DogHere at BOATsmart, your boating safety is important. We want to ensure that you, your pets and crew are safe all the time while on water. It is a good idea to bring your dogs out for boating. They love outdoor activities too. They make a great company. However, you need to ensure that your dog is safe while out in the water. You can also take a boating safety course at aceboater. The following safety precautions will help you to keep your dog safe while on the water:

1. Slow and Sure Adjustment

You already know that dogs do not like loud noise around them. When you take your dog out, ensure that they slowly adjust to the new environment. Bring them to boat while it’s moored to allow them time to first learn their new surroundings. Slowly they will start getting used to the engine sound and the new environment. Avoid overwhelming the dog, try to keep the sound to the minimum.

2. Use Safety Commands

If you are a dog owner, then you that it is important for you to teach the dog safety words and phrases. This will make the boating experience with your dog a lot easier. For example, you can command the dog to sit or stay if it keeps walking up and down on the boat.  This will help reduce instances of accidents. If your dog is not listening or does not know the commands, you can tether her in one place to limit the movement. If you are a habitual boater, you can try teaching your dog more safety commands.

3. Get A Pet Life Jacket

One of the major boating safety measures is that every member of the crew must have a life jacket. This includes your dog. Before boating, first test the life jacket to see if it is effective. Have the dog wear the jacket and place him gently on water. Ensure it is a perfect fit for the dog to make sure he is comfortable.

4. Keep Your Dog Dehydrated And From Sun Heat

If you are riding on a boat without a cabin, you and your dog can really suffer from dehydration and overheating. One way to keep you and the dog cooled off is to carry enough fresh water on board. Remember to carry the dog’s water bowl. You can look for a good sunscreen oil to keep him safe from dangerous sun rays. Encourage your dog to keep drinking water throughout the day to keep him hydrated.

5. Always Be Prepared

You always need to stay prepared for anything, especially when boating with your dog. You need to carry the pets first aid kit all the time, sea sickness drugs, sunscreen lotion and ointment in case of skin burns. Remember to carry the dog leash anytime you go boating with the dog. Carry net on board for smaller dogs in case they fall off overboard. You can use the net to pull them from the water.

Taking your dog out for boating is a great idea. All you need to fully enjoy the boat ride is to put into place all these safety measures.

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