How to Get in Shape for That Beach Holiday

beach holidayNow that temperatures are dropping and winter is coming, you’ve probably found yourself dreaming of an exotic tropical getaway more than once. However, winter is anything but bikini season – and with all the holiday parties and family feasts, you might find yourself with one too many Christmas cookies sitting around your waistline. Thankfully, it’s not too late to get in shape for that beach holiday! You can still lose weight quickly, safely and easily following these simple tips for getting trim.

Create a Vision Board

So you’ve decided you want to lose weight for your beach holiday – now what? To keep yourself motivated throughout the entire process, I suggest channeling your inspiration into a vision board to remind you of why you started this journey in the first place. Make a vision board to guide your weight loss by clipping pictures of inspiring figures, healthy eats and cool new workout moves out of your favorite health and fitness magazines. Then, hang it up in a place where you’ll consistently see it, so you won’t feel as tempted to skip a workout or spring for that second piece of pizza.

Drink More Water

The easiest way to lose weight without making a huge lifestyle change is to drink more water. Drinking plenty of water helps your body eliminate toxins and flushes out excess water weight. Experts recommend that you drink at least two liters of water per day – but bumping that up to three liters could help you experience positive changes like soft, supple skin, suppressed appetite and amped-up energy.

Get More Sleep

Believe it or not, medical professionals say you lose the most weight doing absolutely nothing – aka sleeping! For a body worthy of a Victoria’s Secret angel, experts recommend going to bed around 10 PM and waking up around 6 AM. If this schedule isn’t feasible for your schedule, aim for at least 8-10 hours of restful, restorative sleep per night and you’ll be on your way to a trimmer waist in no time.

Manage Your Stress

Another crucial element of weight loss you might not suspect? Managing negative emotions like stress, which can easily lead to increased appetite and unhealthy cravings for sugar, fat and salt. To get your stress in check and your heart pumping, try adding a 15-minute mindful walk into your routine or signing up for a yoga class that emphasizes mindful breathing – and don’t forget to allow yourself a small treat or rest day every once in awhile to reduce physical fatigue, too.

Add HIIT Workouts Into Your Routine

HIIT stands for “High-Intensity Interval Training,” a kind of cardio training that focuses on alternating short intervals of high-intensity activity with short-intervals of low-intensity activity. With HIIT workouts, you can lose more weight in a shorter amount of time, all while performing shorter workout sessions. HIIT works because even though you’re working out for around 20-30 minutes instead of, say, an hour, those 20 minutes of high-intensity burn more calories than 60 minutes of low-intensity cardio. In other words, HIIT will help you get in bikini shape faster, without spending your entire day on the treadmill! Can I get a “yes, please”?

Accept What You Can’t Change

Most importantly, instead of focusing on how you’re going to change your body, think about all the things you already love about your body. Learn to appreciate your body no matter what size you’re at, and accept the parts of your body you will never be able to change. Admittedly, medical solutions like breast reductions and tummy tucks may help – but it’s essential to do your research before going under the knife. Should you choose a fast-track weight loss method like plastic surgery, do it because you love your body, not because you hate it.

Losing weight before a big beach holiday might feel impossible, but I promise it’s not. As long as you stick to the tips above and maintain your motivation, you’ll look and feel amazing on your vacation no matter what. Also, don’t forget to take a beach cart to carry all your belongings, it will come in handy!

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