How To Do Dubai On The Cheap

How To Do Dubai On The CheapThere are plenty of ways to visit Dubai on a budget. Although it is a luxurious, wealthy city full of record-breaking sites to see and 5* hotels, it can still be enjoyed on the cheap. From finding cheap flights to Dubai and hotel room rates by booking in advance to sunbathing, there is lots of free and cheap fun to be had.

Book Tickets In Advance

If you’re organised and planning a holiday in advance then why not book tickets for activities, hotel stays and flights in advance too. Most people often save a lot of money by booking 6 months in advance which makes a big difference to their trip and allows them to travel cheaply. When I went to Dubai, I pre-booked tickets online for the Burj Khalifa and a same-day ticket was half the price I would have paid on the day. If you know when you want to go to Dubai then I would advise planning and booking as much as possible as you will definitely save the most money doing this.

The Entertainer

The Entertainer is a popular app and coupon book amongst visitors in Dubai. It contains thousands of buy one get one free coupon that can be used at a great variety of restaurants and attractions. Although you have to pay for it, if you use it on a number of different activities and restaurants then you will make your money back and save even more. There is also a smaller version called 241 Passport which includes a 241 ticket to the popular water park Wild Wadi.

Sunbathe and Swim

Many people go to Dubai for the hot weather. And it doesn’t cost to sunbathe or swim (unless you visit a specific area of a beach or hotel pool). If you are staying at a hotel that has its own pool area then enjoy your day basking in the hot desert heat.

Use the Metro

Taxis are the most common method of travel throughout the city, however, there is a metro system that is easy to use and stops at all major parts of the city. It is also a lot cheaper than jumping in a taxi. The metro in Dubai is one of the cheapest in the world and also has an option to upgrade to Gold Class where travellers get free Wi-Fi.

Enjoy the Water Fountains and Shopping Malls

There is no fee for entering shopping malls. The shopping malls in Dubai are the biggest in the world and provide hours of fun for all the family. They are a great escape from the hot heat and can be inexpensive unless you start shopping. The famous Dubai Fountain at the Dubai Mall is also to free to watch and a great night-time event to do.

A lot of the activities that Dubai is famous for can be very inexpensive or even free. There is no charge for going to shopping malls (unless you go on a shopping free) and a number of beaches are free too. As long as you book tickets, hotels and flights in advance to get the best deals, you can easily do Dubai without spending too much money. 

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