A Holiday In Blackpool

So school is out for summer break and the thought of entertaining the kids during this time… Oh Boy!  Plan a trip to Blackpool that the whole family could enjoy and the entertainment goes on for hours with so many activities to on offer.  Let’s look at a few.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

maxresdefault (1)Six acres of pleasure at Pleasure Beach with the UK’s only Nickelodeon Land, jam packed with 12 rides, game stalls, a Nickelodeon shop, famous characters, restaurants and so much more.  The current rides at Nickelodeon Land features The Rugrats, Bikini Bottom Bus tour, Avatar Airbender, fairy world taxi spin and so much more.  This amusement park offers its tallest roller coaster called The Big One; it is suspended completely over water.

The Big One, formally known as Pepsi Max Big One, is a steel roller coaster which is also situated within Pleasure Beach.  At its highest point it reaches 213 feet above ground level, the incline angle is about 65 degrees and the first drop goes down 205 feet.  What a 3 minute adrenaline rush.

Sandcastle Waterpark


Fancy a day at a waterpark?  Sandcastle Waterpark is the largest Indoor waterpark in the UK boasting more than 18 slides, fun pools, wave machine, burger bars, arcades and much much more.  You have to spend the whole day there to enjoy all this waterpark has to offer.  So plan you day for the best water fun you will ever have.

For the ultimate celebrity fun; Madame Tussauds wax museum is a major tourist attraction.  You will find a host of historical, royal, film stars and sport celebrity figures, even famous murders.  How about a ‘Selfie” with these wax stars to add to the family vacation albums?

The Illuminasia


Offering and series of brightly lit paper models in different themed rooms and people are calling it ‘a visually clever idea on effects’ making it very worth seeing especially in the evening as the lighting effects is what makes this an experience.

A family holiday is all about fun however it is the best time to sneak in a bit of field trip education without them even realisinng it.  There are a few monumental and historically important sites to visit whilst in Blackpool.

Blackpool Tower


The Eifel Tower inspired the erection of the Blackpool Tower and was opened to the public in 1894 which rises up to 158 meters.  The very top of the tower is known as The Blackpool Tower Eye and at 148 meters, makes it the highest observation deck in England.  Before you take the lift up, visitors has to watch a 4D film about Blackpool.  This would give a little appreciation and understanding about the area.

The Grand Theatre

This is a ‘must visit’ ornate theatre with the most classic décor and atmosphere with different productions and entertainment through out the year.  It is run by locals whom can only provide the best feel and setting for the theatre and not making it too price.  A lovely way to end of an evening.

What is the transport like and how would we get around?

With three train stations and three train services in Blackpool getting around will be a breeze as these stations are close to all the biggest attractions you will find in Blackpool, travelling along the seafront.  So now you have bought the train ticket to Blackpool and still need to get around town, why not travel around by Tram? It is a must because you would see the beautiful coastline on the one side and the Golden Mile on the other.

The distance from Pleasure Beach to the Blackpool Tower is only about three miles making the Tram the best way to get around and making it ‘the only way to travel’.  The Trams are a permanent feature in Blackpool and since its introduction in 1885 it is the only place in the UK were it has been retained ever since.  Pedal Power: brilliant for cycling with cycle parking in the town centre and the promenade provides scenic view of the beach and Golden Mile.  During summer they offer hire-a-bike services where bikes are available for hire from 8am to 8pm everyday for visitors and residents.

Still not convinced?  Let’s look at a few top reasons why Blackpool should be on your to-do-list of family vacations:

  • The Blackpool Big Ticket: this is a seven attraction pass ticket giving you entrance to the Tower Dungeon, Tower Eye, Madame Tussauds, Tower circus, Jungle jims, Sea Life and the Ballroom
  • Tower Dungeon: the best fun you could ever have in dark spaces
  • Tower Ballroom: the stunning view from this replica Eiffel tower and a way to slow down a very eventful action packed day
  • The Tower Circus: brilliant acrobatic entertainment and Mooky the Clown

There are many reasons to take your family to Blackpool to experience the sunshine, lights, and heritage and also for an amazing experience.

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