Here’s What You Could Be Doing On Holiday In The UK

There are so many beautiful destinations to enjoy a vacation. There are incredible cities to explore and wonderful activities to enjoy. Hot sandy beaches and clear blue waters make any island retreat an amazing one. So why on earth would you choose a holiday in the UK? It rains a lot. It’s not particularly warm, even in the summer months. And there isn’t really anything exotic about the place. Or is there?

The UK has become quite underrated, especially by those who live or work there. But it actually has a lot more to offer than you think. Yes, it’s a tiny island. Yet you can’t possibly see everything worth seeing in just a day. Yes, it’s overcrowded. Yet there are dozens of unspoilt, untouched areas where you might not see another human for weeks. And yes, it’s expensive. Yet, you can enjoy a break here for almost nothing.

There are plenty of top attractions in the UK to enjoy. Most of the well-known ones are in the centre of London. Buckingham Palace, Westminster and The British Museum are amazing places to visit. But did you know that London is also one of the best cities in the world for an incredible nightlife? There are comedy clubs, world-class restaurants, nightclubs, and traditional pubs to enjoy.

Of course, London isn’t the only outstanding city in the UK. You shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit Cardiff, Edinburgh or Belfast. Each has its own national flavour, and could easily provide a fantastic vacation in its own right. Heritage and culture are celebrated widely. And outside of the cities, you’ll find local traditions and cuisine that will tantalise and perhaps even amuse you! Whether you love the city life, or you prefer something a little quieter and quirkier, the UK will never disappoint.

For excitement and thrills, you may seek out an Amusement Park. Fortunately, the UK has many to choose from. Best of all, you can find some of the biggest right beside the beach. Seaside theme parks have always been popular, and they provide you with a full vacation rather than just a day trip. There is so much choice and so much to do! It’s no wonder that many of the UK amusement parks have hotels and restaurants within them so you can stay as long as you like.

The UK is also home to some of the most incredible big houses and estates. Whether you have a National Trust membership, or you just like to meander through the country from one house to the next, you’ll love what’s on offer. Many of the big houses feature in famous films and TV shows, like Downton Abbey and Harry Potter. There are hundreds of magnificent castles and castle ruins dotted about around the four countries too.

The UK has a very long, very rich history. There are plenty of preserved sites and finds dating back several thousand years. The Romans left much behind too, and some of their favourite tourist hotspots, like Bath, can still be used today. Stonehenge is perhaps the oldest and most famous of ancient tourist favourites. You too can visit this ancient stone circle and marvel at the mystery of its formation and structure. The British Museum is world-renowned and features exhibits from throughout Earth’s history.

If you love incredible landscapes, you won’t be disappointed in the UK. Every region has areas of outstanding natural beauty. Wildlife sanctuaries are beautifully preserved, attracting unique species all year round. There are forests and woodland. There are moors and dales. Lakes, rivers and canals can be found too. Hills and mountains provide much-loved walks. You can even find beautiful valleys and exciting cave systems to explore.

Sport is as important as the arts in the UK. And you’ll find plenty of opportunities to join in with both. A visit to the most celebrated football stadium in England or a symphony at the Royal Albert Hall will mesmerise you. There is never a day off in the UK unless you choose to take one! There is something to do every day of the week. And nearly every city, town and village will have a store or pub open if you need a drink or a meal.

And perhaps that’s where the UK is most underrated. Food and drink here is produced and served to a very high standard. Local ales and beers are very popular in the pubs you might visit. And you’ll always find a local dish or two to enjoy. Many are cakes or sweets, but there are cheeses and bread to sample too. Love your visit to the UK.

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