Four Reasons To Make Sure That Lanzarote Is Your Next Holiday Destination

lanzarote – playa de papagayo

Fed up of the same routine day in and day out? Looking to relax and unwind after working far too hard for the past however many months, possibly even years with no break? If so then you’re probably due a well deserved holiday in the sunshine. Let’s face it, a hot summer holiday in the sunshine can make pretty much everything feel better. You’re relaxed, you’re enjoying yourself, and you’re stresses and problems can all be forgotten about. If you’re thinking about booking a summer holiday, then first you need to make sure you get the best possible travel arrangements. Thomas Cook flights will be able to take care of all of your travel needs, getting you to your destination with the best service for the best possible price. One destination that comes highly recommended is Lanzarote. If you’ve had your eye on Lanzarote for quite some time, here are four reasons to make sure that it’s your next holiday destination.

Playa Papagayo

If you’re looking to get away from the touristy hotspots and find areas of peace, tranquillity and natural beauty, then you may want to think about playa papagayo. This is a small but absolutely stunning bay on the southern part of the island that is actually carved into the cliffs almost. Whilst making your way there you can marvel at the natural beauty of the area as you make your way across the volcanic rocks that litter the island. Once there you will be met by warm golden sand stretching into a turquoise sea.

Timanfaya national park

It may not be a traditional sight of stunning natural beauty, but it will be one of the most unique sights you will ever see in your entire life. The entire setting looks more like something out of a sci-fi epic set on another planet rather than our own, with bleak and dusty volcanic ridges and rocks scattered around the place. There’s a reason that Timanfaya national park looks the way it does, and that is because it is all that remains after over 100 volcanoes violenty erupted back in the 1700’s. Laying waste to all that stood in their way.

Rancho Texas Park

If the previous suggestions have sounded a little dull and unappealing to you so far, then Rancho Texas Park is most certainly the destination for you. Lanzarote’s largest theme park, Rancho Texas Park is themed around the Wild West of the US with cowboys, wagons, canyons, and other trademark Wild West stereotypes littering the theme park. There’re water slides, animals, gold mining, and much more on offer so it’s certainly well worth a visit.

Mirador Del Rio

Dubbed Lanzarote’s most famous and spectacular viewpoint, Mirador Del Rio was once a fort up on the cliff tops that provided spectacular views of the northern coastline, the salt plains and El Risco beach. The site offers spectacular views, a cafe and bar, and even an old gun emplacement dating back to 1889. If you find yourself heading up to the Mirador Del Rio, make sure your camera is fully charged as the views will need to be captured on film.

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