Four Places In America You Have To Visit

America offers one of the widest cultural experiences for tourists and locals, and if you are planning a trip then there are certain places you will definitely want to visit. Whatever kind of experience you are looking for, America’s cities have it going on – to help you plan your trip to the land of the free here are our Four Places In America You Have To Visit.

#1: Nashville, Tennessee

in_the_evening_nashville_tennesseeNashville is the capital of Southern state Tennessee that has seen a recent revival in international tourism. As a city Nashville offers visitors everything from luscious greens to urban culture, music and great food.  It is probably best know, and most visited, for its country music heritage. Nashville’s nickname is the ‘Music City’ and was named the best American city for live music venues and concerts. The city also houses the Country Music Hall of Fame, as is not just limited to country music fans with its buzzing jazz scene, diverse range of music venues and famous record stores.

#2: New York City, New York

wallpaper-of-broadway-new-york-cityThere are few cities in America as coveted by tourists as New York City. This city is one of the most diverse places on the planet and offers buffet of delights no matter what your interested in. New York is not a cheap city to visit so many people choose just to spend a day or two here, which means being very selective about what you choose to do and see when you’re in the ‘Big Apple’. Many people choose to send the day sight-seeing at the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. Or you might want to soak up as much culture as possible at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts or the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

#3: Honolulu, Hawaii

honolulu-beachWhat intrepid traveller doesn’t have a visit to Hawaii on their bucket list? If you are thinking about a trip to the island state then a day or two in Honolulu would be time well spent. Honolulu has been given the prestigious title of American’s greenest city, and offers one of the most diverse American city stop across the whole country.  There is something for everyone here, but the city of Honolulu definitely has laid back and leisure seeking tourists in mine. Honolulu is the home of several museums, Waikiki beaches and the famous Waikiki Aquarium. Unlike some other cities Honolulu also caters to tourists on a wide range on budgets, and if you’re not travelling on luxury purse strings that only difficultly will be figuring out how to get there.

#4: Las Vegas, Nevada

The-Strip-from-the-roof-of-The-Bellagio-Courtesy-Las-Vegas-TourismLas Vegas is a lively city located in the heartland of Nevada’s Mojave Desert. It’s self acclaimed as The Entertainment Capital of the World as is known as the city that never sleeps. As its centre is the Las Vegas Strip, a four mile walkway packed full of entertainment centres, elaborately designed hotels, quirky restaurants and 24 hour casinos. What used to be a prime location for crazy weekends, quickie marriages and stag dos, has increasingly become popular with business developers and the older, wealthier generation. If you want to get some practice in before your visit to Las Vegas then you can visit here for the best online casino.


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