Five Cultural Pastimes to Enjoy While in Rome

rome streetRome is an interesting city. So, unsurprisingly it has a huge tourism industry. Every year, nearly 5 million people stay there or take a day-trip to the city.

As you would imagine, there is plenty to do and see. Rome is somewhere offers something for everyone, including, as you will see, those visitors who really enjoy the performing arts and culture.

Enjoy classical music in Rome

There are always plenty of classical concerts in Rome for you to enjoy. The residents of the city love their culture, so these types of events are typically well-attended. Therefore, it makes sense to pre-book your tickets.

This year, you can enjoy performances of Caravaggio´s, Vivaldi´s, Bernini´s and Mozart´s music. Plus, there is the chance to enjoy Three Tenors style tribute performances that showcase the most popular arias. It really does not matter what your musical tastes are, it is easy to find an event that you will enjoy.

If you get the chance to do so, take in a performance in the Teatro dell’Opera’s open-air theatre. It really is a unique experience.

Not everyone wants to watch a full opera. For them, there are plenty of opera based shows. The Three Tenors and Opera Serenade style shows all book up fast. They are the perfect way to enjoy a taste of this enchanting art form without having to spend hours sitting through an entire opera.

Ballet in Rome

Every year, the Ballet of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma performs several times. The large performances take place in the Opera Theatre. But, if you want a more intimate experience they also perform at smaller venues like the Teatro Nazionale and Brancaccio. This dance troupe does not confine itself to just performing the classics. If you like contemporary dance and modern ballets, Rome is a particularly good place to head for.

Contemporary dance and more in Rome

For fans of other forms of dance, the Festival Equilibrio is a great event to attend. It typically takes place during the first quarter of the year. The festival attracts performers from across the world and is gradually growing.

Street performances in Rome

If you like street performances, you are spoilt for choice in Rome. There are several lively spots in the city where people gather to watch all kinds of artists perform. The Piazza Navona is a must visit spot, especially on a Sunday afternoon. You can enjoy all kinds of music, including classical music, magicians, dancers and other interesting events. The quality of the performances is generally good. If you want to learn more about Rome´s street culture you can do so by clicking here.

Theatre in Rome

In Rome, theatre culture is thriving. The Silvano Toti Globe Theatre is particularly impressive. Most people love the experience of seeing Shakespeare performed in Italian. Surprisingly, the theatre is packed with tourists, many of whom do not actually speak or understand the language. Yet, they still enjoy the performance.

Interestingly, there is also a theatre company in the city that performs mostly in English. They put on productions between October and June.

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