Feeling Nervous About Heading Abroad? Check Out These 6 Ways to Stay Safe While You’re on Holiday

bondi beachIn today’s politically driven, hostile climate, it’s understandable to feel nervous when you’re travelling away from home. Many of us travel abroad or even to major cities with the question “what if?” hanging over us. Be that as it may we can’t let a fear of the unknown stop us from enjoying the world and making our own memories, so with that in mind, is there anything you can do to keep safe whilst your on holiday? Well, read on for 6 personal safety tips that will hopefully bring you and your family peace of mind.


Yes. Boring! There’s nothing exciting or fun about insurance which is why so many of us put it off. Investing in medical travel insurance is crucial if you want to have a worry free holiday. It won’t ensure that you have a safe trip, but if something does go wrong it’ll be comforting to know that you’re covered for any eventuality. Whether you slip and break you leg, fall ill, have a dental emergency or something more severe happens, your medical travel insurance will guarantee that you get the best medical care available.

Your accommodation

When you book a hotel room, avoid booking a room on the ground floor as these rooms are easier for criminals to break into. If you have access to floor plan information at the hotel before you book, try to get a room that is close to an emergency exit and possibly low enough for you to jump from or be rescued from.

When you get into your room, make sure that the lock and the deadlock on the door is in full working order, if it isn’t then ask to be moved to another room.

Don’t be a victim of theft

When you’re checking in or out of your hotel, always make sure you keep you luggage with you at all times. Statistically, most people become victims of theft when they’re distracted and let their guard down – so while you’re fumbling around looking for your check in details, your bag could be half way down the street. Be smart and don’t even rely on hotel staff to keep it safe.

Don’t advertise yourself

Be wary of people standing close to you and perhaps listening to your conversation. They might be trying to ascertain which room you’re staying in and whether or not you’re travelling alone. When they see you by the pool or in the restaurant later, they’ll know your room is unoccupied.


Elevators can be dangerous places, even more so for women if they’re on their own. If someone gets in that is acting suspiciously or is making you feel uncomfortable, then get off at the next floor and leave as soon as possible.


If you’re travelling in a taxi, always sit in the seat directly behind the driver and double check that the seats have seatbelts that work. If they’re not up to scratch, get a different vehicle.

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