Fantastic France In All Its Glory – 3 Must Visit Places



Brittany lies in the northwest of France and is one of the most visited regions in France offering over 2800 kilometers of stunning coastlines along the English Channel sea in the north and the Atlantic Ocean in the in the western part. It is an enchanting region of rich Celtic historical past that leads you to beautiful countryside of apple orchards and ancient forests with medieval towns and multitude of fishing harbors dotting its coastline.

Its history is deeply intertwined with that of south of England and there has been long tradition of migration and trade across the English Channel since the Roman times, some people have even gone to the extent of comparing it to a sunnier version of the West of England, with lesser crowds of course.

This fantastic region offers a gorgeous coastline with rugged cliffs, sandy beaches and seaside resorts for holidays. There are lots of campsites in Brittany if you are looking for cheap accommodation and plenty of boutique hotels if you wish to splash out. There are also a lot of holiday properties for sale in Brittany if you decide that you’d like to return year after year, or rent it out as a business venture. There is a lot to do in Brittany aside from lazing along its sandy beaches, Brittany is only second to Paris in terms of important historical monuments, it offers mouthwatering sea food, for the adventurous types the mainland offers a paradise and for the nature lovers the islands off the shore of Brittany are home to numerous sea bird species.


Normandy is a region in France situated in the North West of Paris along the coast of the English Channel. It was once a part of Britain and thus there is a presence of the Norman influence here that gives the region a much more distinctive cultural difference than any other region in France. It is a region characterized by apple orchards, fresh cheese, rolling farmlands and dramatic seaside cliffs.

It enjoys temperate climate throughout the year therefore making it a fantastic all year destination. Its patchwork of farmlands are divided by high hedges create such an impressive countryside atmosphere; it is here that most of France’s dairy products come from.

There is a lot to do in Normandy; you can visit the D Day beaches, witness the towering turrets of the abbey of Mont Saint Michel, relax in the beautiful Monet’s Gardens, visit the charming old port of Honfleur and sip local beverages along the Cider Route. In addition to the endless list of activities, it is hard to resist the sea delicacies synonymous with Normandy.


When you are seeking the best destination for ski holiday in France, Meribel is simply irresistible; it is the convivial warm heart of the legendary Three Valleys ski area and acts the perfect base to explore the majestic French Alps. It is the perfect example of well planned purpose built ski resort thanks to the strict and solid building regulations effected in this resort. In addition to its foundations, there is an array of après –ski activities and fantastic nightlife that keep visitors yearning to come back each year.

The Meribel roads are lined up with beautifully constructed catered chalets made of wood, stone and slate and they offer comfort away from home.  Meribel ski areas are also linked up with a world-breaking system of high capacity gondolas that gets more skiers up the hill quicker than in any other resort.



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