Dubai Travel Guide: Visa, Budget, And Places to Visit

Dubai is one of the most exciting and fascinating cities on the planet! Not only can you see the man-made islands, and futuristic buildings, but experience the welcoming and diverse culture. But when it comes to traveling to one of the world’s most unique destinations, what all should you know before you leave?

There are tons of reasons to holiday in Dubai this year, but planning your vacation can be a pain! In order to help you make this trip go as smoothly as possible, here is a detailed guide to get you going on your Dubai adventure.

Visa and Document Information

First things first, you’ll need to know your country’s visa options before you even begin to start looking at Flydubai Flights! There are a few travel restrictions in and out of the United Arab Emirates that vary depending upon your country of origin. Some countries can simply enter using their standard issued passports, while others will need to complete the visa application process.

Here are a few tips to making sure you have all of your documents in order for your holiday in Dubai:

  • Apply for a passport at least six months before your trip. If you already have a passport, then be certain it is valid for more than six months after your initial entry into UAE.
  • Call your country’s embassy in the UAE, or check with a local government agency to see what the requirements are for your legal entry into UAE.
  • Be certain to apply for your visa (if you are eligible and need to fill out the visa application), in advance.
  • Always travel with copies of your passport, ID, as well as travel information. Store them safely in your hotel, or hostel in case you lose them while you’re traveling!

Applying for a visa to enter the country isn’t actually difficult! Just be certain to have your paperwork filled out in advance to avoid unnecessary delays for your travel.

Budgeting for Your Holiday

Dubai is not only one of the most thrilling cities to visit, but it can also be a bit expensive. So whether you’re looking into buying cheap flights, or you simply want to save a few bucks, having a budget is a GREAT idea. 

There are many ways you can cut your budget and travel through Dubai on the cheap. However, keep in mind that you will be in on holiday! Maybe it’s ok to splurge on a few treats and luxury experiences. But be certain to have them all carefully included in your budget. 

Sit down before your trip, see what you can afford, and start from there. Include big ticket items like a plane tickets and hotel stays, as well as small items like souvenirs. Your food, clothing, as well as other necessary purchases should also be included. Not to mention money for tours, activities, and entry fees.

It’s also good to keep in mind that you should start saving for your holiday AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Set aside money once a month, once a week, whatever you think you can do for your big trip. The sooner you start to save up, the more you’ll have when it comes time to jet off to Dubai!

Places You HAVE to Visit

Dubai has a wide variety of amazing places to visit within the city limits, as well as just outside the hustle and bustle of downtown! Whether you’re looking to walk through a rainforest, or ride a camel in the desert, Dubai has a thousand ways you can make the most out of your holiday. Not to mention Dubai has something for everyone in your family, or all of your friends!

Here are some of the most exciting and unique spots to on your holiday in Dubai:

  • Arabian Desert Tour. Just outside of the city of Dubai, you can take a tour through the Arabian Desert! Ride on camels, and experience the world famous sand dunes for yourself!
  • IMG Worlds of Adventure. An indoor theme park that is great for little ones and families of all ages. Find yourself face to face with the Hulk, or riding a roller coaster in this fun-filled spot.
  • The Dubai Fountain and Dubai Mall. At the base of the Burj Khalifa, you will find the stunning Dubai Fountain as well as the Duabi Mall! Watch the beautiful water shows, then head inside to shop till you drop!
  • Palm Jumeriah. The man-made islands in the shape of a palm tree, you can visit luxury hotels, enjoy shopping, and vacation in style!
  • Burj Khalifa. See the world’s tallest tower! Standing at 828 meters, the Burj Khalifa soars above the Dubai Skyline!
  • Ski Dubai. Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort and Snow complex in the heart of the desert! Snowboard, ski, and experience exciting winter sports.

There is so much to see in Dubai that you will spend the majority of your holiday planning trying to make your list smaller! Visit some of these must-see attractions and you’ll have a once in a lifetime holiday.

Your Guide to Dubai

Whether you’re trying to get to vacation on a budget, or simply need to know what documents you will need, this guide will help you plan the ultimate UAE holiday. Stop at the must see destinations and visit this remarkable city on your next holiday with the help of your personal guide to Dubai!

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