Dream Holidays In Each Corner Of The Globe



Cyprus is one of the most visited of the Greece Island, it is an island that has endured several civilizations and for that has a magnificent display of legendary ruins and structures. It is a land of snow capped mountains, pristine beaches, historical treasures, exotic wildlife and enchanting ancient traditions. It is lush, verdant and authentic hence earning its spot as a dream destination.

It enjoys a mild climate throughout the year and therefore attracts visitors any time of the year. It is endowed with great landscape that is crowned by natural splendors and multilayered past. It is a traveler’s abode with its superbly clean pristine beaches that have been drawing sun seekers attention from within and beyond the region.  The Cypriot delicacies are something to write home about, spicy and tasty mostly influenced by different cultures and sourced from local produce.

It is a place where dreams come true, as an island associated with the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite, Cyprus is sought after by hopeless romantics who wish to exchange their vows here or those who want to enjoy a honeymoon in this romantic island.

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If there is one destination that is vibrant, culturally rich and gorgeous, it has to be Brazil. Apart from its close association with football, it is a place when mentioned conjures up images of carnivals, white beaches, vibrant cities and the sun.

Brazil is a dream destination for many who wish to spend some time on its sun drenched beaches topping the list Rio de Janeiro with its fair share of those. The stunning Copacabana Beach with its sparkling tropical waters and dazzling palm lined white sands is the perfect location to soak up in the Brazilian beach experience.

The majestic figure of Christ the Redeemer is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and a popular iconic Brazilian Landmark. Its stands beautifully at the towering summit of Corcovado; it is a sight to behold.

For a natural wonder, the Iguazu Falls will definitely impress, it is a unique waterfall with numerous islands and inlets which create 275 separate waterfalls crashing resoundingly between 200 and 269 feet below. The Iguazu National Park is a World Heritage site hosting exotic animals and even rare species.

In Brazil there is a lot to see and do from the cities, beaches and right into the deep jungle, it is a fabulous destination.

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Also known as Myanmar, Burma is dramatic and for the intrepid traveler it is dream destination. It is a place you have to prepare to experience rich religious and cultural practices, you can expect to see men clad in long tunics and ancient religious stupas rising out of flat plains. For a country that only recently opened its doors to the west, you can expect to be amazed by its unspoilt authentic practices. It is also possible to enjoy luxury Myanmar travel at  fraction of the cost as in other countries so you can revel in the luxury lifestyle whilst enjoying an amazing destination.

This mysterious destination has a lot to offer; floating villages on Lake Inle, unique cuisine, pagodas and Buddhist temples at every turn and ancient monasteries. You can sail along its rivers and discover local activities along the banks or take pilgrimage tours to holy sites such as the stunning Mount Popa which is a stunning volcano that doubles up as a Buddhist pilgrimage site.

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