Clever Ways To Get Cheaper Holidays

Clever Ways To Get Cheaper HolidaysWe’re all interested in getting a cheaper holiday. After all, the more money you save, the quicker you can go on holiday again in the future. But how can you save cash where it counts? Here are some great tips which have been put together recently by the team at My Voucher Codes.

Savings At The Airport

When you get to the airport, there are a number of ways to save money, as detailed in this list. A great idea is to take your own food and drink so that you don’t have to pay premium prices once you are at the airport. You have to be careful with this as there are rules and regulations to follow. For example, take an empty water bottle. You can only fill it once you are through the security checks. You can also take certain snacks on the flight, but others – such as fresh fruit – may not be allowed. Check ahead of time to see what the laws are regarding the airport and destination that you have chosen.

Savings On Travel

Getting to the airport, and getting to your hotel once you land, can be expensive if you don’t plan properly. Don’t book airport shuttles, but instead look for fares and routes that will save you money. Try taking public transport, such as a train, instead of a taxi. If you need to take a taxi, try using Uber or Lyft for lower prices. You can also use comparison sites to work out the best deals on airport parking. Try looking for discount codes or parking spaces close to the airport at a lower cost than the official parking.

Savings When You Book

There are a lot of ways to save when booking that people often overlook. Use comparison sites and sign up for alerts for when the best deals come online. Travel during term time if you can as families tend to inflate the prices during school holidays. You can also travel outside of the peak season for the lowest rates. Don’t forget to look for voucher codes for your airline or hotel. You should also check whether buying them separately or getting a package deal offers the best value, and fly mid-week and early or late in the afternoon in order to get the cheapest flights. Book in a layover flight to save even further, as well as getting an interesting break somewhere different.

Savings As You Go

If you can manage to take only hand luggage, then you won’t have to pay to check in your baggage. Rather than choosing a conventional hotel room, you can stay in an Airbnb or rent a full apartment to get reduced costs over the course of the week. Self-catering can be a great way to save on expensive hotel food or going out to a restaurant every night. When you are paying for goods abroad, try using a pre-paid travel credit card, as this is easier and more convenient than carrying cash around.

You might be surprised at all of the ways that you can save on your holidays. These clever tricks really do add up to a huge saving overall!

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