Choosing a Hotel in Paris: 6 Things to Know Before Booking

paris hotelsParis is one of the most popular tourist spots around the world and the tourism economy here is tremendous in every sense of the word. However, when quantity must expand rapidly, the quality will almost inevitably suffer to a degree at least. This is the reason why we have a list of eight things that every traveler should be aware of, before just booking any hotel in advance.

Don’t Jump On an Offer Right Away

Even the most legitimate companies in the online traveling business often make exorbitant claims about unheard of discounts and luxurious facilities that don’t match at all to the price quoted! In all fairness, they are almost always going to be technically correct in their wordings, but you may find on arrival that the old saying about being too good to be true even fits well today!

Unless you want to end up in a place that makes you feel cheated, never jump on a huge discount when it comes to booking a hotel in Paris. Verify the source and the hotel, read the fine print, and only if you are satisfied with all that should you consider it.

Enjoy a Boutique Experience in Paris

Paris has wonderful boutique hotels built in classic French architecture on the outside, with unique décor and staying experiences offered in each room. To explore, find and book the best ones like Saint James Paris with its elaborate spa facilities or the Le Narcisse Blanc with their top of the line guest services, head on over to the official 7Boutique Hotels and browse the site.

Even if you do not like the more popular lodging options, 7Boutique Hotels has a whole range of such places for visitors to choose from, but since they only list the best boutique hotels in any location, it will help you enjoy a unique experience without having to worry about the quality of the place while booking in advance.

Be Aware of the Bed Size

European countries have a different method of measuring and marking their beds, but when creating online ads, the owners may not make an attempt to convey that fact to the foreign visitors, while others are not aware of the difference!

What all this means is that check the actual length and width of the bed, rather than going by vague terms like “King Size,” “Queen Size,” “Regular,” etc. You can also choose to educate yourself about the difference by looking for bed sizes online, but there is no guarantee that what it states on the site is actually what you will find, so length and width in pure numbers are probably your best bet in identifying the beds you need.

Do They Charge Extra for the Breakfast?

You could probably save a bit of money on every breakfast if you choose a hotel that includes breakfast in the room rent. Alternately, you can simply go out to a café nearby, instead of spending more money in the hotel.

It is possible that the hotel may tell you about the chargeable meals in French while you are ordering your breakfast on the phone. Call them and ask about it in advance because it does matter if you are on a budget.

Airconditioning in the Room Might be a Good Option for the Summer

The Mediterranean climate in Paris differs greatly from the climate in Mainland US, which is actually a good thing because winters are not as cold and summers are not as hot either.

In spite of all that, having the option to switch on the air conditioner if it gets too hot is something that should be on your radar, provided it’s a summer visit. Paris has experienced high summer temperatures in the last few years, which would essentially make ceiling fans useless and having an AC in your room pretty much a necessity.

Choose an Ideal Location If You Can

Now, the term “good location” is subjective and depends entirely on what your plans are for the trip exactly. The general idea is that if you are going there to enjoy the super clubs and nightlife in general, choose an area which is near to these establishments, while a family vacation or a romantic one will play out best if they are a bit isolated, but not isolated enough to be worrisome!

Advance booking is still highly advised and almost mandatory for some of us because the prices hike up like anything if you do not. Nonetheless, now that you know your options and have a little bit of insider’s view into the tips and tricks of making the most of your staying experience in the City of Lights, your forthcoming trip is already going to be better than it would have been before!


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