Check Out These Amazing Caribbean Bars

caribbean barsThere are hundreds of fantastic bars in the Caribbean, where stunning tropical beaches go hand in hand with a relaxing drink. Here, we take a look at a selection of the very best bars this vibrant part of the world has to offer.

The Soggy Dollar Bar

Perhaps the best place to drink in the Caribbean is The Soggy Dollar Bar, a beach hut on the British Virgin Islands that is reached by boat. The bar’s amazing character draws in punters from around the world every year. Of course, the peace of mind an annual policy offers you will mean that you can enjoy places like these without any worries.

Sunshine’s Beach Lounge

For a bit of star quality, Sunshine’s in Nevis is a well-known celebrity haunt perfectly positioned next to the beach, where holidaymakers can take shelter from the sun after a relaxing sunbathe or dip in the water. The bar is owned by Sunshine, a local star, and serves up an amazing rum punch called the “Killer Bee.”

Ti’ Robinson

Probably one of the most secluded bars in the Caribbean is Ti’ Robinson, an idyllic place to sip a cocktail under the palm trees on the island of Ilet du Gosier. Located just off the coast of Guadeloupe, it really will feel like you’re on your own private island as you order a Ti’ Punch.

Juanillo Beach Food & Drinks

One of the newest Caribbean bars is located on Juanillo Beach in the Dominican Republic, but it has quickly become a favourite with the local Bohemian scene. This is because it has such a laid back vibe that not only the locals love, but people from all over the world who have set foot on Juanillo Beach.

Sunset Bar & Grill

The Sunset Bar & Grill is probably the most spectacular bar to visit in the Caribbean. Not only do you, as the name suggests, have the perfect view of the sunset, but also the incoming planes that swoop down low to land on the adjacent runway in Sint Maarten-Saint Martin..

Iggie’s Beach Bar

For an authentic Caribbean experience filled with Calypso music, sandy beaches and great entertainment, Iggie’s Beach Bar is ideal. Nestled close to the Bolongo Bay Resort, this Virgin Islands shack is constantly packed with a great blend of locals and holidaymakers sipping on stunning cocktails.

Le Petibonum

The creation of famous local chef Guy Ferdinand, Le Petibonum is a fabulously detailed beach bar in Le Carbet, Martinique. The bar is a masterpiece of colour and imaginative art, and all this is backed up by a fantastic range of rums and locally authentic food.

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