Best Places to Camp on the Coast in the UK

Camping can be one of the most enjoyable ways to spend a holiday if you plan well and choose the right location. Whether you are looking for an extended bank weekend holiday or a two-week summer holiday, the amount of fun you have is largely dependent upon where it is you stay. For this reason, many campers won’t have it any other way than to camp along the shores of the UK, where there is always something to do in the line of entertainment but when night settles in there is the peaceful sound of water lapping up against the shore, lulling you into a state of peaceful reverie. Here are some of the best places to camp on the coast of the UK.

Penzance – Treen Farm Campsite

Unlike anything else you are likely to find in the UK, Treen Farm is an amazing campsite just a short drive or walk to beaches that are renowned for being some of the best in Cornwall. One of the favourites is the secluded Pedn Vounder and about 10 minutes away by car you’ll find Whitesands Bay where it is said that some of the UKs best surfing is enjoyed. When staying at Treen Farm Campsite you’ll actually be staying back and away from the beach itself on top of a cliff that overlooks the water. When days are rainy you might want to visit the Porthcurno Telegraph Museum or perhaps on warm days you’d like to get an up-close look at the open air theatre/auditorium, the Minack Theatre. Cornwall is famed for its seaside living and nowhere is there a better example of just what this means than in Penzance.

Devon – Slapton Sands Camping and Caravanning Club

It would seem that Devon would be a land of farms from which the famed Devonshire cream and of course the ever popular clotted cream gained worldwide fame but there is so much more to Devon than a land of dairy farms. You can join the Slapton Sands Camping and Caravanning Club to enjoy days of fun and games with other caravanning friends you meet up with each time you arrive for a predetermined holiday.  And, with so much excitement and catching up on what everyone’s been doing, you may not even remember that you came here to get away from all the noise and confusion of living in a metropolis like London. Take a boat trip or simply stay behind with the kids playing in the club’s playground, you won’t want for things to do to keep you ‘busy’ on your holiday.

Dorset – Burnbake Campsite

Although this may be one of the lesser known of the great campsites on the water of England, Burnbake Campsite speaks for itself based on the sheer numbers of campers who return year after year. For this reason, it is said that you should arrive early to ensure you have a spot to stay the night. Just remember that no bookings will be taken during the regular season and the only time you will be able to book a site is for the August bank holidays or in the spring. The summer is a first come, first serve basis so arrive as early as possible for a good campsite but you’ll be glad you did.

Since the entire perimeter of Great Britain is surrounded by water, there are many great campsites for camping or caravanning. Though you don’t have to stay in a campsite, you could give wild camping ago which can be a freeing experience, read up on wild camping on Professional Camping. The trick is in knowing which has nearby activities that interest you if you’ve a mind to get out and about in between the solitude and also in knowing which sites are liable to be filled to the brim early on in the day. Once you’ve found the campsite of your dreams you’ll be back year after year so try several and you’ll know when you’ve found it. It’s an instinct only seasoned campers have and with so many to choose from, that campsite is just waiting for you to find it. That’s what makes it so much fun.

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