Best Places to Spend the Christmas Holidays


If you have been spending Christmas at home your whole life, you can make the next Christmas different and more fun by taking your whole family on a vacation trip. There are lots of great places to spend the Christmas holidays. If you are planning on going on a Christmas vacation trip but you have no idea where to go, then you should check out this list. Here, you will find some of the best places all over the world where you can spend your Christmas holidays.


The city of Munich in Bavaria, Germany is one of the best places in the world to spend your Christmas holidays. Every Christmas season, a 100-foot Christmas tree is set up in the Marienplatz and there are dozens of Christmas markets all over the city. During your stay in Munich, you should also ride the Christkindl Tram, a train system that crosses the city and serves gingerbread and mulled wine to passengers. Every evening, from 5:30 PM from November 25 to December 24, there is a band playing live Christmas music on the Munich town hall’s balcony. If Munich is a bit far, there are still lots of Christmas Markets in the UK, take at look at them here.


The city of Zurich in Switzerland is also a great place to spend your Christmas vacation. Every Christmas season, starting on November 21, the city is decorated with over 12,000 crystal lights. You can enjoy a cup of heissischoggi (hot chocolate) at one of the cafés and check out the galleries on Rämistrasse. During your vacation in Zurich, you should also check out the famous Conelli Christmas Circus and listen to the holiday concerts at the Grossmünster church. Every eve of December 19, you can watch the children as they set candles afloat on the waters of Limmat River near the City Hall.

Puerto Rico

If you are tired of all the snow and freezing temperatures of the Christmas season, then you should go somewhere warm this Christmas. In the tropical island of Puerto Rico, you can enjoy the sights of palm trees and exotic plants while basking in the warmth of the sun. “Jingle Bells” and other Christmas songs are set to salsa beats in Puerto Rico and they will soon have you caroling and dancing with the locals. You can also have a holiday dinner and listen to a live jazz band at the Parrot Club, a popular restaurant in Puerto Rico that serves Nuevo Latino cuisine such as chicken in mango barbecue sauce and tamarind-glazed salmon.


The town of Taos in New Mexico is also a popular Christmas holiday destination because of its mix of cultural traditions. Every Christmas season, the historic Ledoux Street is lit up with paper lanterns called Luminarias. Many tourists also flock to this small Mexican town to see the Posadas, the ceremonial reenactments of Joseph and Mary’s search for shelter. Every Christmas Eve, a dramatic American Indian Christmas celebration takes place in the main square of Taos Pueblo. You can also ski all day on Christmas Day at the Taos Ski Resort about 18 miles away from town. On Ledoux Street, a small restaurant called Byzantium offers mouth-watering dishes such as grilled pork scaloppine with cabbage, apple, and mustard-seed compote.


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