Amsterdam’s Best Eating Spots

AmsterdamAmsterdam is one of the world’s premiere travelling destinations, and as such, it is lush with restaurants and cafés. Some are reserved to those who have just hit the US Powerball jackpot, or inherited a multi-billionaire aunt. Others serve affordable dishes inspired by various cuisines. While many of them are nothing more than tourist traps, here are a few well hidden gems that keep me coming back:

Café de Klos                                        

Tucked away on the outskirts of Amsterdam’s well toured center, an unremarkable sign gives little hint of the roomy tavern that waits inside. This place has a reputation for serving the world’s finest ribs, and I can humbly say they were definitely the best I have ever tasted. A small menu, authentic old school atmosphere and simple well cooked and extremely tasty food made this a must stop on every single one of my Amsterdam visits.


Good sushi is hard to find, and could prove to be a risky search when dealing with so many tourist traps. Mangetsu may require a bit of a walk to get to, but it is easily one of the best sushi places around. The fish are always fresh and tasty, and the modern atmosphere makes this place a great choice for an evening’s outing.

Burger Bar

Another place offering good value is Amsterdam’s Burger Bar. Its simple appearance does not do it justice. This place serves burgers made out of Wagyu, Irish or Black Angus beef (or chicken, if beef is not your thing). What this place is missing in looks, it more than makes up for in flavor. If you’re ever in the mood for a burger while in Amsterdam, this is the place to be.

The Pantry

The Pantry is a small and cozy place not far from Leidseplein, situated right in the middle of an area full of bars, cafés and restaurants. This little place provides excellent authentic Dutch food, simple and delicious. It has a great location, great service and great food, just be sure to order a place in advance as the small place fills up quickly.

Moods Café

No list of my favorite places in Amsterdam would be complete without this little gem. Moods is a relaxed, inviting and friendly Italian coffee place, serving excellent coffee and great food. The perfect place for to start the morning in, or pass the time over a cup of coffee.



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