7 Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Croatia

7 Things You Should Know Before Travelling to CroatiaThe ancient ambiance of the modern district, tasty Mediterranean cuisine, thrilling excursions, a lovely gift from nature, and living evidence of medieval period. This great country from Europe, Croatia, got it all for you.

And are you a big fan of historical places and authentic cuisine? How about a coastline with tons of wonder to offer? Whether your answer is a yes or no, I still compiled the best things to know about Croatia before you land your foot on.

Experience the sea breeze and unforgettable scent of the past trapped in this yet-to-be-discovered place by preparing the things you needed to do and things you should not. Going out of your comfort zone is really overwhelming but paying a visit to see the history live up to this date, this is the best option for you!

Explore Dubrovnik

If your feet are rattling around to go for an extraordinary walk, this is a must-see for you! Whether you prefer traveling across the mountain or sailing above the sea, the history vibes will haunt you by the walls surrounding the Old Town of Dubrovnik. Wait for sunrise and cross the stiff staircase alongside these walls to start your day right on track.

The best part of this town (the pathway of the wall itself) could be experienced for just 17 US dollar! Check out the historical maritime trade happened in this old town full of new visitors.

Zagreb is GREAT!

Being a hopeless romantic isn’t as bad as movies portray it to be. Explore Museum of Broken Relationships in this capital and be moved by the biggest tribute someone could ever give for the lost love.

You can always get over with the compiled heartaches over the baroque palace with its lively and fun sites you’ll be entertained to drop by. It might not offer the same sunspots Zadar and Dubrovnik could offer, but you’ll be amazed at packed restaurants, bars, and cafes that will give you the unique and delicious taste you are really down for.

Don’t Skip Zadar

Speaking of sunsets, Zadar is the best place to be mesmerized by the real beauty of goodbye from the sun itself. Parti-colored solar panels show off on the pavement beside the cost with the amusing light spotting on the huge part of it.

It is truly a lovable city walled up within, but its aging churches and historic cathedrals would make you appreciate this kind of masterpiece built way back then. And if you want a remarkable peace of mind combined with a breathing space, hunt down the man-made indents that create music when the air is coming in and out of the splashing waves of its sea. Chill everything out while cherishing a once in a lifetime experience of the city’s capital.

Croatian Currency is Kuna

The ongoing rate of Croatian Currency is streaking up since it changes from day to day. Locals use this currency in exchange for their demanded goods and services and if you haven’t changed your Euros to Kuna yet, you don’t have to worry, stores and market still accepts Euros but the same purchases are still tagged in Kunas so you won’t miss out the real experience of exchanging in monetary term in this place.

And even though it is full of ancient relics and served as a historical setting for rulers and empires, credit cards are widely accepted most everywhere so don’t hesitate to use it, enjoy and relish this irresistible country.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Bus

Hitting the rails when travelling in European countries is a big embarrassment one would ever take but Croatia is way too different with this concept. Although the train travel isn’t the easiest way to hop around the place, it connects cities to cities together that builds a connection between the locals, travel hotspots and the explorers.

Limited train services are provided by the national and the solution they usually offer is the bus traveling. It might take several hours but you’ll get through the day while enjoying the good-looking view from north to south laying low on the peninsula and rolling over the mountains.

The Love Coffee, But Not Coffee Chains

Zagreb, which is the capital of Croatia, has its own event running every Saturday morning where citizens irresistibly catch up with each other while having their regulars compressed in a cup.

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll never regret visiting its cafés. If you’re thinking where the Starbucks located are, better not to since there are no franchise built in this lovely place. Another fact about the locals, they prefer sitting down and enjoying every sip of their coffee instead of taking it out and rush for a walk. It’s really prodigious how the real ritual of drinking down coffee is present on this site and still being done which rarely happen from our city to yours.

Rent with the Locals

Great news for everyone, their culture includes hosting tourists whether you’re from east or west! The locals allow travelers to rent along with their family or friends, they don’t deprive anyone of having a coast life along with their stay in Croatia.

You don’t need to be a mediocre or copy their flow until you end up being broke since Croatians are really great with alternatives. This offer will save you lots of money than having yourself an expensive hotel room with the same amenities.

Never hesitate to visit and witness Croatia’s wonders, there’s no reason for you to miss out this historical and alluring country. Now that you’ve read everything I listed above, I’m pretty sure that you’ll be ready and prepared once you reached this forever-seasonal nation.


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