7 Amazing Places to Go Paddle Boarding

7 Amazing Places to Go Paddle BoardingI just discovered paddle boarding, and it has been awesome! It was such a thrill watching the experts paddle boarding while standing, kneeling, and some had found ways to propel their boards smoothly while sitting. It looked so exciting, so I had to learn paddle boarding, in a few days I was able to paddle board while standing. It felt great. I was so confident and went on short trips with others in a group.

Paddleboarding is a soothing full body workout, and you can use different types of paddle boards. Everyone who has had this experience will understand my excitement. Guess what! I found seven amazing places I call the paddle boarders paradise. Now whenever I go on a vacation, there has to be a paddle boarding ‘paradise’ nearby.

My top spots for paddle boarding are as follows;

Lake Tahoe (California)

The clear water of Lake Tahoe makes paddle boarding even more interesting. The lake is about 70 feet deep, surrounded by mountains and pine trees. It is one of the best stand-up paddle boarding destinations. Lake Tahoe is in California.

Watson’s Bay Beach

The beach is only a few minutes’ drive from Sydney, and it provides enough space for the fans of stand-up paddle boarding to have a great time. Boards are available for rent, and experts offer lessons to teach interested people how to paddle board while standing.

Kauai, Hawaii

Here you will find hundreds of paddle boarders having a great time on their boards. The Island is indeed a paddle boarders ‘paradise.’ For those people traveling from far destinations, boards are available for rent at the beach. There are also paddle boarding lessons. The highpoint of the show is the adventure. Paddleboarders go out in groups to explore the island and other surrounding islands. There is a wonderful lodging close to the beach so visitors can spend hours paddle boarding and easily get back to their rooms to relax.

Canary Islands, Spain

The reviews tend to indicate that this is a paddle boarding destination for the Pros. Well, I am on the ‘highway’ to becoming a Pro, so I qualify. The waters tend to be calm for smooth paddle boarding, but there can be some waves at particular times of the year. The beach is surrounded by mountains and caves which provide amazing places for exploration while paddle boarding.

Rosebay, Australia

The Red Leaf beach at Rose Bay is another top paddle boarding destination. Each year it attracts hundreds of visitors who look forward to trying out their paddle boarding skills in the clear blue water. If your travelling Australia or staying for a while, it might be worth getting your own board. A great place for this is Bay Sports.

Little Manly Beach, Australia

It is the perfect paddle boarding spot for beginners and others who prefer paddling on calm waters. The clear green water always looks great, and the beach is open 6 months every year to all paddle boarders.

Lake Powell, Arizona

The lake is set in a breathtaking environment surrounded by caves, and canyons which the paddle boarders enjoy exploring. The blue water of Lake Powell adds to the beauty of this amazing destination. It is a manmade lake which hosts hundreds of visitors every year.

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