5 Tips for a Safe Happy Holiday

Holiday Isand MaldivesWe all love to go on holiday and take time out of our busy schedules. Unfortunately, however, on some occasions things can go wrong whilst you’re abroad and in such situations it can be difficult to know what to do. That’s why we have put together some tips for having a safe holiday for all the family.

1. Keep Safe Whilst Travelling

There are lots of ways to prepare for the holiday before you leave. Photocopy your passport just in case it is lost abroad. Before you leave for the airport, pack your valuables (wallet, phone and passport) on your person so there is no way they can get lost. Get the all-clear from your doctor before travelling if you have a medical condition, and make sure you have enough medications for the whole journey. Flight carries with it the risk of dehydration, so keep yourself topped up with water and avoid alcohol, tempting though it might be!

2. Keep Aware in Your Accommodation

Most hotels are very safe places. However, remember to keep your passports and valuables in the safe in your room, and lock all the windows and doors before leaving the room. In addition, whilst you are inside the room, make sure that you lock the door. Glass doors should be treated with caution, particularly if you are travelling with children, as they may not be reinforced. It also goes without saying that you should be vigilant whilst out on your balcony.

3. Eat and Drink with Care

Naturally, it is lovely to be able to relax, have a few drinks and enjoy some new food whilst on holiday. Thankfully, the rules concerning food and drink are fairly simple. Ensure any food you eat is washed and cooked properly before eating it. Avoid eating fruit that can’t be peeled and avoid tap water at all times. Intersperse alcoholic drinks with water and don’t eat any foods which would make you feel unwell at home – it’s not going to be different just because you are on holiday!

4. Get Holiday Insurance

It’s important to get adequate travel insurance out when you go abroad. Medical fees can be hefty and are likely to run into thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of pounds, if you get sick or are injured abroad. You also need to make sure that the insurance covers the type of activities you are doing on holiday. If you do find that you are injured whilst abroad, you can find more information on personal injury claims at www.firstpersonalinjury.co.uk.

5. Remember Safety Whilst Out and About

Keeping your skin protected is essential whilst abroad, so stock up on sun cream, hats and glasses. Watch your children at all times whilst at the pool or in the sea. At the beach, check that the sea is safe to swim in and that there are no dangerous currents before entering the water. There should be signs on the beach indicating whether or not it is safe to swim.

These tips should keep you safe and well, enabling you and your family to have a wonderful break. A great place to go this time of year is Spain as you can get cheap holidays to Spain right now. Enjoy!

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