3 Of The Most Luxurious Casinos Around The World

macau galaxyBeing a travel blogger, I’ve been fortunate enough over the last few years, to see some of the most beautiful and stunning locations in the entire world, which is just one of the many reasons why I happen to love my job. I’ve travelled Europe, Asia, the Americas, and much more besides, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. During my years as a professional travel blogger, I have seen everything from natural wonders of the world, to the effects of poverty up close and personal. Not too long ago however, I completed a travel assignment in which I was required to set out across the globe, visiting some of the most luxurious and remarkable casinos and casino resorts in the entire world. For anybody who has a keen interest in gambling, whether it’s online gambling, horse racing, visiting casinos, playing bingo, or anything else for that matter, you still won’t want to miss this article as I’ll be looking at 3 of the most luxurious casinos around the world that would be like pure heaven for those of you with even the slightest interest in gambling.

Galaxy in Macau

First on my list I’ll be talking a little bit about a casino in Macau I visited, known as Galaxy. This casino is situated on a stunning coastal strip and cost a staggering $2 billion! Without question it is one of the most stunning buildings in the entire world and is arguably the nicest and most luxurious building I’ve ever seen in person. With its stunning mood lighting and trendy atmosphere, this casino attracts young up and comers and celebrities alike. There is a distinct party atmosphere within the casino, not to mention all of the games you may expect to find in casinos, old and new. One thing I really enjoyed about Galaxy however, was the authentic cuisine that was located here as truly, it was some of the nicest Asian-inspired food I’ve ever tried in all of my life.

Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas

Obviously, no article talking about casinos and gambling would be complete without Las Vegas, which is why Caesar’s palace is next up on my list. When it comes to world famous casinos, Caesar’s Palace is probably the most famous casino in the world, as virtually everybody has heard of what is the jewel of Vegas. The casino resort itself is stupendously big and is one of the most decadent buildings in all of the USA. For a truly fantastic trip to Caesar’s however, make sure you visit in the night time to see it illuminated and lit up.

Sun City Casino in South Africa

During my visit to South Africa, I was fortunate enough to visit the sun city casino and even indulge in a spot of gambling. Sadly I didn’t win (no surprise there) but what I did do was marvel in the spectacle of this amazing Casino. The casino itself would make most palaces look like standard apartments as it is certainly home to the high flyers of South Africa. It’s worth a visit just to see just how much money people regularly gamble in there as the amount of money I saw people part with, and occasionally win, made me feel sick.

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