10 Coolest Hotels in the World

Traditional luxury is not hard to come by in the world of hotels, which makes things especially interesting when hotels decide to deviate from the norm.  In our search for some of the coolest hotels in the world, we found some of the best.  Here is our top 10 list of the top 10 coolest hotels in the world:

1)      Poseidon – Fiji


Poseidon is the only underwater 5 star hotel in the world.  Surrounded by the beauty of the underwater Caribbean, this hotel is submerged 40 feet under water.  Guests are given a breath-taking view of the ocean with 5 star amenities as well as access to their own private submarine.  Poseidon is an easy shoe-in for the coolest hotel in the world.

2)      Aqua Dome – Langenfeld, Austria

Aqua DomeAn outdoor Thermal Spa and Resort surrounded by majestic mountains, the Aqua Dome in Austria is one very cool hotel.  Imagine basking in the middle of a giant outdoor hot tub, surrounded by snow covered mountains, and you’ll get an idea of what this hotel has to offer.  This hotel also includes modern architecture and high quality amenities making it a great place to plan a winter vacation.

3)      Igloo Village – Saariselka, Finland

Igloo Village

Igloo Village is a very unique and cool idea.  With thermal glass insulation, the hotel’s igloos stay warm during the winter months and provide a great view of the Northern lights.  Guests can also go on a reindeer or huskie led safari through the snow.

4)      Katikies, The Hotel – Santorini Island, Greece

Katikies, The Hotel

Katikies is a 5 star hotel built into the side of a mountain on a private island.  With infinity pools outdoors and a pool built into a cave on the interior, this hotel is one of the coolest and most luxurious experiences in the world.  What makes this hotel so downright cool is the fact that it literally progresses up and into the mountain.

5)      Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

Marina Bay Sands

Not only is the Marina Bay Sands one of the largest hotel/casinos in the world, but it also has a massive infinity pool on the roof!  Yes, that’s right… on the roof!

From a distance, the Marina Bay looks like a giant boat that got shipwrecked on top of 3 very tall skyscrapers.  Some may argue that it looks a little cheesy, but one trip to the top level of the hotel is bound to change anyone’s perspective.  One of the best views from a hotel in the world, the Marina Bay Sands is an experience of a lifetime.

6)      Burj Al Arab – Dubai, UAE

Burj Al Arab

Often described as the only 7 star hotel in the world (though the possibility of such a rating is disputed), the Burj Al Arab is luxury at its finest.  The poster child for hotels in Dubai, the Burj Al Arab is located on a private island with a private bridge going to the hotel.

7)      Grand Hotel Kronehof – Pontresina, Switzerland

Grand Hotel Kronenhof

The 2014 Traveler’s Choice Winner on Trip Advisor as the best hotel in the world, this hotel is a great mix between classic and modern luxury.  The view of the Swiss Alps from the hotel’s main pool is simply breathtaking.

8)      Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort – Arenal, Costa Rica

Tabacon Grand Spa

What’s not to love about this hotel?  Hot springs, rain forest, and a volcano in the distance… not to mention 5 star accommodations.  Tabacon Grand Spa is ranked as one of the top 10 spas in the world by the 5 Star Alliance and is a popular destination in Costa Rica.  If you are looking for a warm-weather getaway, this resort is one of the best.

9)      Dar Al Masyaf – Dubai, UAE

Dar Al Masyaf

What makes this hotel unique is that the entire hotel is surrounded by a venetian-style canal with boats traveling up and down the canal during the day.  This is one experience you don’t want to miss.  The hotel is one of the best in Dubai is located right on the ocean.

10)   Green Magic Resort – Vythiri, India

Green Magic Resort - Gayot

The Green Magic Resort is an actual tree house built almost 90 feet above ground.  This little gem is hidden deep in an Indian forest, and almost reminds you of a scene from Tarzan or George of the Jungle.  A wood elevator mobilized by pulleys is used to take guest up to their rooms.  If you are feeling a little adventurous and don’t mind the heights, this is a cool little hotel to check out.

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