What I Look Forward to When I’m Home

cafeJust like our bodies need light and darkness in equal measure, I also believe that we need travel as much as a home base. A life of constant travel is not only physically demanding, but it takes a mental toll. Missing home comforts and your loved ones becomes all too common, and can lessen the fun of your adventures. That’s why I prefer a lot of small holidays over one long trip. I can enjoy these trips more, knowing that they will be short but have a high impact.

There are always things I look forward to when visiting my holiday destination: the new sights and sounds, chatting with locals and other travelers alike, having new experiences to blog about, and bringing part of the holiday back with me. But as much as I enjoy those, I also love coming home to clean house provided by cleaning services NYC and really reveling in what I’ve just seen. Plus, there are several physical things that have no equal when I’m abroad. These are what I look forward to the most when I’m back home.

Local café

Sure, you might see the hotel receptionist a few times, and you’re likely to be familiar with other travelers if you’re staying at a hostel, but I love the recognition I get from my local café in my hometown when I’m back. Simple things, like knowing exactly what I order before I’ve even said it (and always making it perfectly) really makes me happy, and they are always interested in hearing about my holidays.

My own bed

Itchy sheets, hard blankets, uncomfortable mattress, even more uncomfortable pillows, creaky bed frame: these are all things I don’t miss when I’m back in my bed at home! I chose everything myself, so of course it’s all tailored to me, and I always get the best sleep in my own bed. That said, I think there is a bit of room for improvement. My mattress is nearing the end of its lifespan (10 years is said to be the maximum), so the time has come to look into picking up a better one. Because I more or less do every shopping online these days (even down to the groceries), I’m liking the idea of using Eve when I have to order a new mattress. It’s said to be delivered by the company in a nice-sized box, so I double like the idea of not having to lug a heavy mattress to my fifth-floor apartment!

Bathroom time

This one is huge. If you’re staying at a hostel, then you can pretty much say goodbye to extended bathroom stays. I’m someone who likes to take their time in the morning, with several little routines over the course of waking up, so rushed bathroom time never goes down well with me! But when I’m home, I can take all the time in the world and really wake up in my own way. Priceless.

Not living out of a suitcase

Closets, drawers, and coat hangers! I genuinely get excited about seeing all these things when I’m home. Every item of clothing doesn’t have to be squished and squashed into my bag, and I have so much choice when it comes to picking an outfit. Packing gets harder every time I travel…

And lastly, the time at home gives me a great opportunity to plan my next holiday!

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