What Does the West Coast of America Offer Adventure Holidaymakers?

yosemite-national-parkAmerica is known for its diverse landscapes, spectacular cities and awe-inspiring national parks, and this is no less true along the west coast. That’s why it’s a premier destination for any adventure holidaymaker looking for something unique, fun and incredibly memorable.

A number of companies, including Trek America Travel Limited, provide routes that take you on a number of adventures, allowing you to see and experience all the highlights the west coast of America has to offer you. Here are just some of those must-see places:

Las Vegas

No adventure would be complete without a trip to Sin City, which is why some tours will start or end at this location. Take in the sights on offer, explore the out-of-this-world hotels and enjoy some civilisation before you head out into the wilderness, because your next stop is probably the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon

Even as you’re standing on the edge of the canyon, you’ll probably find it hard to comprehend. This magnificent natural wonder is an absolute spectacle and you’ll want to spend plenty of time taking pictures and trying to get to grips with its vast size. You may want to take a helicopter ride over the canyon to see all of the sights, or enjoy white water rafting along the Colorado River which runs through it.

Zion National Park

Here you’ll find stunning valleys and breathtaking mountains that stretch as far as the eye can see. If you like to hike and fancy trying out desert-like terrains, you might want to have a go at that here. The Virgin River which meanders through the sandstone walls is perfect for this, and you’ll behold some jaw-dropping waterfalls along the way too. Those up for an even bigger challenge might also want to try climbing Angels Landing, which is 2,500ft tall. But once you’re at the top you’ve got unprecedented views of the area, so it’s more than worth it.

Yosemite National Park

Located in Northern California in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, this national park is one of the most famous in America. Boasting a lush green forest and granite walls, this is the ideal place for hikers and climbers alike. Along the trails available you’ll come across Mirror Lake, Vernal Falls, Nevada Falls and Yosemite Falls, with amazing views on offer at the granite formations of Cathedral Rocks, El Captain and Half Dome.

Other highlights of America’s west coast include Death Valley National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, Monument Valley and, of course, Route 66.

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