Most Romantic Destinations In Europe

Venice Wanderings

For many travelers, Europe represents old world mystique and romance, and there’s no shortage of destinations for couples on the Continent. The pastoral vineyards of France, the Mediterranean beaches of Italy, and the artistic allure of Austria offer incredibly memorable and romantic experiences.

Here’s a small selection of the most romantic destinations in Europe, offered in random order because it’s too difficult to crown just one of these gorgeous destinations as the best.

Venice, Italy

A couple enjoying a romantic ride in a gondola down one of Venice’s historic waterways is one of the most iconic experiences of all of Europe.

Visit during the legendary “Carnevale,” where the entire city dons costumes for a citywide masked ball or take a tour of the city’s humble eateries where candlelit dinners and famous Italian wine bring romance to life.

Paris, France

The grand vistas of Paris are built for romantic walks along the Seine, viewings of the majestic Eiffel Tower, and indulgence in the incredible underground art scene.

Is there any better city to enjoy a romantic vacation than where you might hear people quote amazing, romantic sayings like, “Je serai poète et toi poésie,” which means “I’ll be a poet, and you’ll be poetry.”

Amalfi Coast, Italy

The fabled Amalfi Coast, which sits along the southern coastline of Italy in the Province of Salerno, radiates mystery and romance and begs visitors to explore its magical grottos and magnificent views.

Romantic outings include hikes along incredible precipices like the Footpath of the Gods as well as a hike to the incredible Valle delle Ferriere, which offers hikers a walk through lemon and fig trees on the way to a gorgeous waterfall.

Salzburg, Austria

When travelers think of Salzburg, immediate images of Mozart, “The Sound of Music,” and the city’s rich musical history come to mind. The city offers a serene and majestic experience filled with incredible musical events all year. Urban couples who enjoy the newest trends in art will want to visit the Museum of Modern Art Salzburg Mönchsberg.

Couples can also find romance by touring the 400-year-old Hellbrunn Palace & Trick Fountains, which are decorated by lush gardens, beautiful statuary, and dancing water displays.

Córdoba, Spain

The convergence of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity in ancient Córdoba created a wholly unique city in the ancient world.

Visitors today have the opportunity to experience one of history’s major centers of culture along the Iberian Peninsula with cobblestone streets and buildings that were constructed hundreds of years ago. Couples who want to feel that they have been transported to a different century will want to walk the streets of Córdoba’s historic city center.

Prague, Czech Republic

No other city in Europe looks like Prague as it bears the distinction as one of the only capital cities in Europe to escape the destruction of World War II.

Prague is a city of ancient cobblestone streets and deliciously old Gothic-style architecture, which is best experienced during a romantic walk during the city’s hushed twilight.

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