Getting Around London – Heres How


When travelling to a city like London, with all its amazing sights and sounds and culture at every turn, it’s important to find the best way to get around. Every country and city has its own unique own methods and modes of transportation, and while some would be perfect for long walks down busy streets and others excel in public transportation like buses and trains, some cities, like London, are best experienced through a combination of all of these methods.

Getting to the city from the airport is the first step. Both Heathrow and Gatwick have dedicated terminals and cabs that run from the city to the airports. Parking4less says that the Gatwick Airport Station services up to 12 trains per hour, so it’s a great option for those who don’t want to take cabs, as these can be quite expensive

Greater London is actually served by quite a few tube lines, including a local train network and the Docklands Light Railway. There are nine travel zones in London with varied fares, but securing an Oyster Card is recommended, as it’s generally cheaper than paying with cash. 7-9am and 5:30-7pm are the worst times to be taking the tube, as people are rushing to and from work at around these times.

You could also choose to take a bus around London. Buses are a much cheaper alternative to the tube, although they do take longer. One upside, though, is that you get to enjoy the sight and sounds of the city around you and can become more familiar with the area. We’d suggest taking a bus on your first day, just so you can get a feel for the city and identify some of the landmarks that you could walk to later. Transport for London has a list of bus routes and timetables that you can refer to.

And of course, something that not everyone is aware of: the Emirate Air Line, a cable car that brings you across the Thames. The cars arrive every 30 seconds, taking up to 10 passengers on each ride. You can use your Oyster Card here as well, and it gives you a breathtaking view of London.

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