Calming and relaxing holiday destinations for the over 60’s

Italy-0989 - Tuscany Country on a Overcast Day

Let’s face it, as we grow older we tend to enjoy the more simple things in life. We appreciate peace, quiet, and tranquillity and obviously have to take a step back and slow things down. We obviously aren’t as young as we once were and we probably aren’t as fit and energetic as we once were. For that reason you probably won’t be seeing too many over 60’s on a clubbing holiday to Ibiza or Magaluf anytime soon. Just because our tastes may change, that doesn’t mean that the thought of a well deserved holiday doesn’t fill us with feelings of happiness and eager anticipation. If you prefer the quieter, more relaxed pace of life then why not take a look at these calming and relaxing holidays for the over 60’s? Before you jet off, or sail off for that matter, you will need to sort a few things out to offer you a little extra peace of mind, including your travel insurance. Travel insurance for over 65 year olds is relatively easy to sort out, providing you get the best deals from the best companies, so make sure you shop around. Once the insurance, passports, and more trivial matters are out of the way, you can then begin to think about where it is you would like to go. Here are a few helpful suggestions for you to consider, so let’s get started.


Italy is a country with a vast cultural and historic background and it is one of the most underrated countries in all of Europe. For some reason, Italy is often overlooked as a holiday destination as many people believe it to be “boring” just because it isn’t littered with drunken tourists and night clubs on every corner. If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday then Italy could be the answer to all of your holiday related prayers. The weather is hot and sunny, the food is divine, the wine even more so, the architecture has to be seen to be believed, and the country itself has something for everybody.

The Lake District, UK

If you’re not looking to jet off abroad this year and are instead looking at staying closer to home, depending on where you live of course, then why not consider a holiday break to the stunning Lake District in the North West of England. The Lake District is constantly making the top three in lists of the most desirable places to visit in the entire world, not just England. There are gorgeous lakes, rugged coastlines, mountains, lush green countryside, wildlife, picturesque villages, tourist attractions, and much more that will keep you entertained for days upon days. The Lake District is one of the most gorgeous and relaxing places in the entire world and it is well worth a visit, especially if you love hiking.

The South of France

When people visit France, the majority of people head to Paris, which although still beautiful, is not too calming and relaxing, you know, with it being one of the busiest cities in the entire world and all. If you enjoy the French way of life but would much prefer a quieter, more green and relaxing holiday, then why not head to the South of France? There is countryside, warm weather, hot sunshine, and gorgeous sandy beaches and resorts that would put Spain and Portugal to shame.

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