7 Things You Need to Know Before Planning a Group Trip

7 Things You Need to Know Before Planning a Group TripGoing on a trip could open a lot of doors to a curious soul. While traveling alone is highly-suggested at least once in your life to amplify independence, going on a group travel heightens the sense of responsibility, on the other hand. Although traveling with a group could mean countless memories that are absolutely for keeps, if not planned properly it could also lead to tension and stress among all the members.

Below are 7 tips one should know before setting off on a group trip:

Appoint a group leader

Having a group leader during a trip doesn’t only mean having someone in authority, more so, it is actually making sure the orderliness of the holiday. Being the group leader involves making a decision when everyone else couldn’t or in times of uncertainty. Now if having a leader seems a bit much for the group, task delegation could be another option. Delegate a person who handles budgeting, one or two members could be the group driver and then another one to look after planning of activities.

Best thing to do is, wait for volunteers rather than assigning someone. Doing the former would make each task be done naturally, thus imposes less stress or no stress at all.

Choose your travel companions carefully

One of the objectives of traveling is to free your mind from things that would cause stress. And the last thing you wanted to happen during a group trip is to have misunderstandings and petty fights. Clearly, you would rather travel with someone whom you can talk to for hours with, laugh at nonsense jokes with and so much more. Therefore, make sure that you cautiously choose companions who will contribute to making the trip something that you would look forward to and not something you would dread going to.

Plan a budget accordingly

One of the trickiest steps in planning for a group trip is having a fixed budget and ensuring that everyone sticks to it. If agreed upon by everyone though, it could be easily resolved. The first thing to do is assign someone who will look after the group’s budget, then decide on an exact same amount everyone has to contribute. The chosen group treasurer will keep the funds and will have the sole responsibility for paying the bills off. Not only it allows faster transaction when eating out, paying for hotel bills, paying for group tours, etc… It also ensures the group to avoid overspending, especially on not so important stuff.

Every night, make it a habit to discuss what has been done and how much has been spent on that day to ensure transparency for everyone included in the group. Also, knowing the group’s budget real time could help plan the things that could be and could not be done the following day.

Book your flight tickets ASAP

As soon as you have the final head count, make sure that everyone books their flight tickets as soon as possible. Sometimes the farther you book your ticket from your preferred date the cheaper you could get the ticket, rather than waiting until the last minute.

Look for an accommodation which caters group travelers

Booking a hotel is not really the most practical way if traveling with a group. This is because most, if not all, hotels would have a maximum number of guests. Imagine, if it’s 10 of you that means you would have to book 5 rooms at least. Which could also slash a lot from the group’s pot money. There are others who would have their whole apartment be rented out which is perfect for big groups. Explore apps such as Airbnb or try renting out hostels.

Delegate tasks to the others

As mentioned before, if assigning a group leader sounds a bit too much for the group, delegating tasks to other members could also make the trip less stressful as each one will now focus more on the trip rather than joggling different responsibilities around.

Create an itinerary

It doesn’t have to be detailed. Creating an itinerary allows the group to plan ahead and do the necessary bookings beforehand. Hence, leads to fewer lag times and lets everyone do one adventure after the other. List down the things everyone wants to do first, include them on the list and make them as a priority, then work around it. Next is list down the least liked activity of the group as a filler in case you finish early in one of the days, then you can try the things at the bottom list without messing up with the whole itinerary.

There are other things that need to be considered in planning a group trip, but at least now you are already equipped with the basics. Always remember that when all else fails, don’t forget to have fun!

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